McCarthy Pledges To Investigate 51 “Spies Who Lied” To Kill Hunter Biden Laptop Story

December 14, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Tampa Fee Press


If he survives the GOP’s intraparty struggle to become the next House speaker, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said high on his agenda is uncovering the liberals’ disinformation scheme to protect Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In an interview Monday with Newsmax’s Sean Spicer, the California Republican agreed with the host that the 51 former spies who participated in the effort to quash news about the laptop’s explosive contents either “blatantly lied” to the American people or are simply “really stupid.”

“You have to be one of the two,” McCarthy said. He was going with the former.

As The Free Press has reported, the New York Post broke the story of the wayward laptop in October 2020. The report included details of Hunter’s dubious overseas business deals and how his father, now-President Joe Biden, may have profited from that, even after he denied knowing anything about Hunter’s activities.

Almost immediately, 51 former high-level intelligence community officials ripped the Post and its reporting. They signed an open letter declaring that the laptop’s revelations had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” “Our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case,” they added.

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The letter was signed by notorious anti-Trumpers like national intelligence director James Clapper, former NSA director Mike Hayden, and former CIA chiefs Leon Panetta and John Brennan.

More recently, though, the left-wing media, led by The New York Times and CBS News, have begrudgingly admitted the laptop’s contents were legitimate and left by Hunter himself, not Russian operatives.

Back in March, after the Times confirmed the details the Post revealed, the Post shamed the group as “spies who lie.”

Conservatives have called for these 51 officials to pay a price for meddling in the 2020 election by promoting the Post’s report as disinformation.

In the Newsmax interview, McCarthy noted that these were people Americans respected, but “they used their reputation to lie to the American public.”

McCarthy added that recent revelations by Elon Musk about Twitter’s role in suppressing the Post’s report makes him suspicious about the rest of Big Tech and whether they worked with the Biden campaign, the FBI and other anti-Trumpers to suppress the story.

“These are the questions I’d like to ask,” said McCarthy, who added that these officials issued their letter even as the national intelligence director at the time was saying no evidence existed to prove it was a Russian disinfo campaign.

“Did they have misinformation? And if they did, who provided it to them? Or were they playing politics with it? Should they still have a security clearance? Why were they doing this? … Who was all working together … when they knew it wasn’t true?”

“I think we have a right to know, and the American public does as well.”