Media Doesn’t Give a Damn About American Victims of Alien Violence

June 26, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Total Conservative

After more than two weeks of taking extraordinary heat for his administration’s supposed “crisis” at the border, President Donald Trump fought back on Friday, slamming the news media for spending all of its time focused on the “victims” of U.S. immigration policy and none on the real victims – the American families who have lost loved ones due to illegal alien violence. Trump thus appeared with those victims – Angel Moms and others – to let them tell THEIR stories of family separation.

Those victimized individuals included Laura Wilkerson, who told the crowd of the violence that took her son in 2010.

“We was brutally tortured,” she said. “Strangled over and over. He was set on fire after death. His last hours were brutal.”

Oh, but kids are crying at a daycare-like facility in Texas, so let’s just stop enforcing the law altogether!

“As with everyone standing up here, none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. We weren’t lucky enough to be separated for five days or 10 days,” Wilkerson continued. “We were separated permanently. If we want to be close to our kids, we have to go to the cemetery. We can’t speak with them. We can’t Skype with them.”

It’s a damn shame that the American news media does not have even a fraction of the sympathy for these families that they have for the immigrant families separated and detained at the border. The families on stage Friday did not try to force their way into a country in violation of the law. They were innocent victims of laws and policies and “discretionary prosecution” decisions that have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country over the last three decades. This is the scourge that the media doesn’t want to talk about. This is the problem that, indeed, they will call you a racist for even bringing up.

“These are the families the media ignores,” Trump said Friday. “These are the stories that Democrats and people that are weak on immigration, they don’t want to discuss, they don’t want to hear, they don’t want to see, they don’t want to talk about.”

How did the media respond to this event? Well, besides ignoring it, which is what they mostly did, they went on the offensive, essentially turning it into a fact-checking sessions. Because, after all, if Trump is wrong about just one tiny statistic, then it invalidates his entire point, right?

NPR had this to say about the victims of illegal immigrant crime: “While any death is tragic, a February 2018 study by the Cato Institute using 2015 crime statistics from Texas found immigrants in the country illegally were 25 percent less likely to be convicted of homicide than native-born Americans.”

And that proves what, exactly? Even if that study can be extrapolated to the country as a whole, it is utterly meaningless. ONE illegal immigrant murderer is one too many, just as one terrorist attack is one too many. If there was a study that said that children separated from their families were only 25% more likely to suffer long-term psychological effects…would that convince NPR that it’s really no big deal after all? We think not.

But this is the bias we’re up against. If the victims are American, middle-class, and – heaven forbid – white, then the media doesn’t care a whit. If the victims are brown, foreign, and likely to support the Democratic Party, then the waterworks begin.

It’s getting a little bit too obvious.