Mike Pence: Christian Zionist Orchestrator of the Venezuelan Coup

February 26, 2019 in News, Video by RBN


Source: Kurt Nimmo

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the US is preparing to covertly arm the opposition in Venezuela.

From Sputnik:

We have evidence that US companies and their NATO allies are working on the issue of acquiring a large batch of weapons and ammunition in an Eastern European country for their subsequent transfer to Venezuelan opposition forces.

Good vs Evil@Sweeps2032

I find it highly hypocritical that @realDonaldTrump would participate in a coup to overthrow an elected president (of Venezuela) while daily critizing the Dems coup to overthrow him. https://orinocotribune.com/maria-zakharova-us-moving-special-forces-and-equipment-to-the-venezuelan-border/amp?__twitter_impression=true 

* Maria Zakharova: US Moving Special Forces and Equipment to the Venezuelan Border

In a series of twits posted in her twitter account a few hour ago Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the US government is moving special forces t…


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Instead of the standard neocon tactic of making up a load of horse manure about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and other scary campfire stories and then bombing and invading the country, it looks like Trump’s rabble of neocon chicken hawk warmongers are considering (for now) the Obama way of doing things—arming the “opposition” (in Libya, these were Salafist murderers, in Ukraine, Russian-hating fascists) while simultaneously running a large propaganda campaign designed to demonize the elected leader of Venezuela. Maduro understands his only two options are to either stand and fight or flee the country. He has chosen the former. 

According to an article posted at Axios (h/t Robert Wenzel), the prime motivator is not John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, or Mike Pompeo. It’s Mike Pence, Trump’s robotic Christian Zionist Vice President. 

National Security Advisor John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Sen. Marco Rubio also play pivotal roles, but from the first days of the Trump presidency, Pence has dominated the [Venezuela] issue…

As an Indiana congressman, Pence fiercely opposed Castro and railed against communism in Latin America. His faith colors his work. “We are with you,” Pence told a crowd of several hundred South Florida Venezuelans at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church after his first vice presidential trip to Latin America, in the summer of 2017.

Pence arranged to have Juan Guaidó falsely claim he is Venezuela’s “interim president.” 

On Monday, Pence traveled to Bogotá “at the invitation of Colombia’s president, touting the U.S.’s ‘unwavering support’ for Guaidó, who he will also meet with. It will be Pence’s fifth trip to Latin America as VP.”

Newsweek reports:

Pence is expected to deliver his speech at a summit of the Lima Group at 10.30 a.m. (ET), following his meeting with regional leaders in Bogota, Colombia. The meeting comes days after U.S. aid convoys were blocked by troops loyal to embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is no longer recognized as the country’s leader by the U.S. and other Western nations, at the border on Saturday.

Vice President Mike Pence


Heading to Bogota, Colombia tomorrow to address the Lima Group to voice solidarity w/ regional leaders for freedom & against Maduro. Meeting with Colombian President @IvanDuque & Venezuela’s only legitimate President – @jguaido. It’s time for a free & democratic Venezuela.

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Over the weekend, following the torching on “aid” trucks, Pence was “forced” (according to the Miami Herald) to formally request “the international community” to consider “all options” in Venezuela. 

Vice President Mike Pence


To President @jguaido of Venezuela, it is a great privilege to share this moment. I bring you and President of Colombia @IvanDuque a very simple message from @POTUS Trump & the United States of America: We are with you 100%.

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In short, Pence leads the effort to invade Venezuela, or at minimum conduct a merciless bombing raid similar to the sort used to turn Iraq and Libya into failed states wracked by endless violence, which of course was the plan all along, never mind the fantasy Saddam Hussein met with and harbored al-Qaeda or twiddled with anthrax (sold to him by US and European countries). 

For the MAGA crowd, Trump can do no wrong. Here’s Lou Dobbs, whom I mistakenly called libertarian-ish a few years ago. In truth, he is simply another neocon fellow traveler.

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Lou Dobbs


@HeyTammyBruce: @POTUS sent a very strong message to Venezuela today. Many people in southern Florida experienced totalitarianism. They understand the importance of freedom, capitalism & the value of support from the American President.

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Trump may lose a few supporters after he bombs the hell out of Venezuela—like he did when he bombed an empty airbase in Syria—but the vast majority will support him no matter what he does. 

The conversion is almost complete. MAGA is now shorthand for neocon. 

Trump’s Make America Great is indistinguishable from the neoliberal claim the United States is the sole exceptional and indispensable nation and this gives it free rein to engage in mass murder and the destruction of societies, especially those in “our backyard.”