Military Officers Secretly Entering Countries With Migrants?

December 21, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

John O’Looney is a British undertaker who has become known as a whistleblower about the steep increase in untimely deaths that he’s observed in his practice since the advent of the vaxxine and also for corroborating the reports of American embalmer, Richard Hirschman, of finding these never-before-seen deadly blood clots in the veins of the vaxxed. He’s now claiming the following:

“I’ve had members of the Black Watch Regiment reach out to me, who are training these young men in the West of Ukraine and in Antalya, in Turkey, that are primarily in officer ranks, down to sargeant, that are then transferred from their post of training in Antalya or West of Ukraine to France.

“They sign the Official Secrets Act and they’re then shipped over with the immigrants and with the odd refugees…but primarily, the foot soldiers. They’re all forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before they come…

“They’re then deploying these guys in key positions for up to two years. Contracts they’re offering these hoteliers, two-year contracts and hundreds of thousands of them are coming in – that’s four, five grand a week. Four, five thousand a week coming in, these young lads.

“They are Discredited United Nations soldiers and they will be deployed. They will be deployed. When they feel they have got the numbers and they they can justify another lockdown, be that under the guise Climate Change Hoax bullsh*t or saying there’s been another ‘variant’, as these people that have been jabbed – when I went to the meeting [inaudible] last September, they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between two and five years to live.

“There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that. He said there’s no cure for them. They can have pine needle tea, whatever they want. It won’t work. They’re doomed. That’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now, as these people begin dying in incredible numbers, there’s your ‘new variant’. There’s your need for another lockdown.

“And then, these guys can start manning roadblocks everywhere, policing and they’ll go door-to-door, picking on the ones that are most vocal. So, I suspect that what will happen then is you’ll see these new super prisons be filled and there’ll be outbreaks of COVID among the unvaxxinated in these prisons.

“Who will even blink – who will even blink – when you’ve got a country, half of whom are dying and sick and they’re told there’s a ‘new variant’ and they’re herding, taking away the danger – the unvaccinated – and there’s outbreaks of COVID in these quarantine centers for the unvaxxinated, nobody’s even going to blink. And that is the plan.”

The woman filming asks him, “What about our own soldiers?”

He replies, “They’re posted abroad. They won’t be here. The Black Watch know exactly what’s happening. They’re very fine, I can tell you. But soldiers follow orders and they’re not posted in the UK. They’re in the West of Ukraine, fighting Russia and they’re in Antalya in Turkey. They’re not going to be here.

“They may well know what’s going on. They’re soldiers. They’ll do as they’re told. They’re not going to be here. They’re not going to be in the UK. It’s going to be these foreign lads and the reason for that, the government knows full well that they cannot trust their own people, because it’s their women and kids they’re targeting.

“And the other reason it’s being done for is because it was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

“But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.   

“So that’s what’s happening. I’ve spoken to two soldiers who’ve told me. I’ve spoken to Anne de Fitzray [?]. She’s an Army Major. She’s got many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing. 

“But if you say anything: ‘Oh, you’re a racist. You’re a far-right wing extremist. Why would you not want to give these poor souls sanctuary?’

“Come on! These are young men of adult fighting age with fully-charged smartphones, being trained in Antalya by our own forces! By Black Watch! What cannot people see?

“And I would suggest these MPs have got a real moral dilemma now. Do they start rallying round and start thinking about saving their own people or do they take advantage of the promised seat on the [inaudible]?”

The woman then asks, “But then, the MPs will get dumped in, anyway.”

“Of course they will,” O’Looney replies, “When the last of us is led off, they’ll turn their gaze on these MPs, because they’ll have fulfilled their purpose, to be seen to be practicing ‘democracy’. Useful idiots. And there’ll be Nobody to fight for them, because the likes of you, me and you will be gone. We’ll be gone. That’s the reality.

“So, will people wake up? I really don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is trying to gently wake them up to the reality of what’s going on and I’d never realized – I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and it’s very, very depressing and very upsetting.

“Especially when you feel like you’re walking around on your own, because people just cannot see it. They cannot believe anyone would be that horrible.

“And I cast my mind back. When you cannot think historically and they tell us that they put these poor Jews in the showers to be deloused prior to being resettled…I wonder how many of those Jews walked into those showers knowing they were going to be killed? Not quite believing anyone would be wicked enough to do it?”

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Author: Alexandra Bruce