More Than a Million Covid Vaccine Injuries in one Database

June 21, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

Show this to friends who believe the fake “safe vaccine” government narrative; The gun is smoking, and Pfizer is calmly putting it back in their holster

At The Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz writes (June 14, 2023):

Over 10,000 categories of nearly 1.6 million adverse events—many of them serious and debilitating—brought to you by Pfizer!

You might not have heard it in the news, but in recent months, Pfizer’s pharmacovigilance documents requested by the European Union’s drug regulator, the European Medicines Agency, have been released. They show that Pfizer knew about a sickening level of injury early on. An August 2022 document shows that the company already had observed the following scope of vaccine injury:

508,351 individual case reports of adverse events containing 1,597,673 events…

The 393-page confidential Pfizer document, dated Aug. 19, 2022, shows that Pfizer observed over 10,000 categories of diagnosis, many of them very severe and very rare.

He’s referring to the types of vaccine injuries.

In his article, he links to the actual reports (here and here).


What is so jarring is that there are hundreds of very rare neurological disorders [reported by Pfizer] that reflect something so systemically wrong with the shots, a reality that was clearly of no concern to the manufacturers and regulators alike.

In other words, claiming all these sudden cases of RARE disorders were not connected to the vaccine would be absurd.

Obvious takeaways: Pfizer and European regulators are ignoring the reality of what is being exposed.

US health authorities aren’t even mentioning these devastating reports.

The vaccine, which should have been canceled and stopped long ago, continues to be used, as if nothing happened.

No one is being held accountable.

And we are talking about just one COVID vaccine maker, Pfizer. Where are the corresponding surveillance reports from the other vaccine makers?

On top of all this, there is a traditional ploy vaccine makers use to turn back evidence of harm and destruction. They say, “Except in these few instances, there is no evidence linking the adverse effects to the vaccine.”

No link. No evidence. No proof. Therefore, case closed.

But think it through. What kind of evidence would be sufficient? Is there a detailed road map showing an irrefutable series of steps, following injection, that illustrates exactly how and where a vaccine creates damage?

No. Funding for that highly complex and expensive research has been paltry, to say the least.

The vaccine makers and public health authorities keep that research to a bare minimum—so they can say, “Go ahead, PROVE the vaccine caused the damage.”

This is the strategy when any database reveals an extraordinary number of injuries from any vaccine.

It’s a backup used to convince the public that there isn’t a problem, only wild and unsupported claims which don’t reflect “real science.”

Meaning: science by government authority; science by vaccine corporations; science by marketers; science by predators.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.