MSNBC Interviews White Nationalist Candidates: ‘Monstrous Nature of Jewish People’ Must Be Exposed

June 7, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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Title: MSNBC Interviews White Nationalist Candidates: ‘Monstrous Nature of Jewish People’ Must Be Exposed
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Published: Jun 7, 2018
Author: Caleb Ecarma
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MSNBC highlighted the surge of racism in American politics today by running a segment in which correspondent Morgan Radford spoke with a number of white nationalist candidates running for office in 2018.

“There’s a really alarming trend happening in the 2018 midterms. Anti-hate groups say they’re seeing a surge in candidates running on an explicitly white nationalist message,” said MSNBC host Hallie Jackson. “The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified eight candidates running for office with white supremacist ties, a number they say is higher than any election in recent memory.”

The MSNBC report noted that there are eight candidates currently running on explicitly white nationalist platforms.

Before airing her interviews with the racists, Radford, who is African-American, explained why she believes it was important to speak with these white nationalists, since media outlets are often attacked for this type of coverage as critics claim it helps these ideologies spread.

“You can’t combat hate if you can’t identify it,” Radford said. “The truth is, this is not the kind of thing you expect to hear in 2018.”

MSNBC then aired the interviews in which Radford spoke with candidates who want white majority neighborhoods, deny the Holocaust, claim black people are genetically inferior, and believe Jewish people to be “monsters.”

“The monstrous nature of the Jewish people must be known to the public,” said one of these candidates.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

Poster Comment:

This is priceless. Two hatemongering talking headesses, at least one jewish, vomit all over the only honest candidates for two offices. They claim there are eight such candidates but don’t name any others. OK, it’s pretty lame but a definite thrill to see our people speaking their minds flawlessly and benignly, giving the bitches nothing to hang them with.

Note that the jewess claims the candidates want to kill nonwhites — she sneaks it it in near the end of her spiel. This is the lowest of the low — liberals, the most compulsively violent people on earth, always project their own murderous hate onto us peace people.