MSNBC’s Answer to Violent Crime: “Take Away Massive Amounts of Guns”

September 1, 2015 in News by RBN | Phillip Hodges

It was actually a New York Times writer who stated that the only way to reduce violent crime was to “take away massive amounts of guns” from people and drastically reduce the number of gun owners. New York Times, MSNBC, what’s the difference?

The context of their discussion was the on-air double murder by Bryce Williams. Josh Barro from the New York Times stated that we should go the way of Australia and confiscate everyone’s guns. He actually said that would reduce violent crime, as if guns are the only tools criminals use to commit violent acts.

So, how’s gun control working for those Aussies down under? Since Barro mentioned violent crime, let’s see what happened to violent crime rates in the years following Australia’s gun ban:

Did you catch those stats? Murders committed with guns have increased by 19%; home invasions have increased by 21%; assaults committed with guns have increased by 28%; and armed robberies skyrocketed with an increase of 69%.

Does Barro actually think that the U.S. will be any different from Australia if we go through with massive gun confiscation?