They want to kill you – seriously!

May 9, 2024 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff





For decades there has been a nefarious agenda to dramatically reduce the world population. The infamous Georgia Guidestones, erected by a group of freemasons in the American state of Georgia, displayed that intent:

Reduce the world population to half a billion people, in balance with nature.

Recently this diabolical monument was destroyed by an explosion, but for decades it stood erect, openly proclaiming the agenda of a select group of wealthy individuals. These entities are willing to do anything – ANYTHING – to kill all of us. Why? Because they believe they are better than us, and have a right to squash other people the same way you would smack a bug.

Within their inner circles they talk about mankind as ‘cattle’. Animals without intrinsic value.

They themselves, on the other hand, are the so-called ‘pure’ humans. The blue blood nobility, with bloodlines that go back to ancient world rulers. These families believe they deserve to suppress everyone else, and kill at will, whenever they see fit.

They are responsible for orchestrating all major wars, where they fund both sides. They also finance both terrorists and the governments that claim to fight them. A good example is the state of Israel, which was funded and founded by the Rothschilds, a ruling dynasty within the global elites, who also funded and founded Hamas, the so-called ‘enemy’ of Israel (see this revealing film).

They always play strategic games, in order to increase their power and control.

Their greatest fear is that the general public will become aware of their existence and operations, which is why they conceal themselves. Their strategy is to use public puppets like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab.

People think these are their enemies, while the true masters remain hidden in the shadows.

Who are these people? They are called ‘the elites’. Other names are ‘the 1%’, the ‘Illuminati’, the ‘Deep State’ and so on. 

For a long time this was considered a conspiracy theory, until the evidence became so overwhelming that it could no longer be denied. These elites are very real, and they have a very dangerous agenda of global genocide. They are convinced this is necessary to ‘save the planet’.

Apart from eradicating most of humanity, they also have an agenda to replace mankind with technological alternatives, which they can totally control through the Cloud and AI.

This may sound straight from a science fiction movie, but the shocking reality is that this is their globally promoted and massively funded agenda. It is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution by the World Economic Forum:

They want the era of the human race to come to an end, and this world to enter the era of ‘NEO-HUMANITY.’

The evidence for this plan is revealed in the groundbreaking documentary, ‘THE END OF HUMANITY – As Planned By The Global Leaders.’ If you haven’t yet seen this incredible film, then I implore you to, as it is the most critical alarm call to the human race of all time.

If we close our eyes to this, we will lose more than our lives…

The mission of Stop World Control is to expose these diabolical agendas to all of humankind, and pave the way for a brighter world – a world without the destructive presence of these demonic elites.

If you want to know more about the official agenda of world domination and population reduction, I invite you to read our WORLD DOMINATION REPORT. This report will show you exactly what is happening in our world, and it also gives you a way out. Because there is hope! Hundreds of millions of people around the world are waking up to what is threatening all of us, and there is a historically unprecedented resistance growing.



It’s critical to be informed, as only informed people can defend themselves. Ignorant folks fall prey to anything, as they are oblivious to the operations that are unleashed against them.

And by all means, do not be afraid to share this, as we are the only ones who can defend our world against these tyrants.

May the truth prevail, so humanity can be liberated, and a brave new world can emerge.

For truth and liberty,
David Sorensen