September 28, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: RSBN

Late Wednesday afternoon, Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Lee made an abrupt announcement that sent social media aflutter, stating that she had been notified that she would be serving as acting governor “beginning later this evening until mid-morning tomorrow.”

She explained in an official statement, “While I am pleased to step into this role, I will refrain from naming directors to the 13 agencies that currently have vacancies and will not call the Arizona Legislature into session to confirm them.”

Lee added that she hoped when the governor returned to Arizona, “she will promptly name qualified directors” and that she also wanted to see a “swift resolution to this matter.”

Former Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been serving as Arizona’s governor in the wake of the gubernatorial election last year, in which she eked out a slim victory against Republican firecracker Kari Lake.

Hobbs’ reported victory has been hotly contested in court, where Lake has alleged that widespread chaos, malfunction, and incompetency resulted in botched election results.

On Thursday morning, the Kari Lake War Room account wrote on X, “@JoeBiden arrived in Arizona last night. @katiehobbs, @Adrian_Fontes, & @krismayes all arranged to be out of town during his visit, forcing the Republican Treasurer to assume control of our state. Why did our entire illegitimate state government leave town at the same time?”

The bizarre situation has prompted a swirl of speculation online. Lake’s war room account on X also alleged on Wednesday night that they had “received word that in violation of our state constitution, @katiehobbs appointed the SAME person as head of ALL 13 state agencies.”

They added, “Until this is remedied, anything done by these agencies is likely legally null & void. Hobbs has turned the @9thFloorAz into a circus.”

While it is unclear exactly what is going on in the Arizona governor’s office, Lake’s allegation regarding Hobbs’ reported appointment for her state agencies intersects with Treasurer Yee’s comment that she hoped the governor would name “qualified directors to these important state agencies and remove the legal uncertainty that exists for all of the regulatory actions taken by the agencies.”