Napolitano stands by British surveillance claim in Fox News return

March 30, 2017 in News by RBN

Andrew Napolitano returned to the air on Fox News Wednesday, standing by his claim that British intelligence officials helped former President Barack Obama spy on Trump Tower.

Napolitano, the news network’s senior judicial analyst, defended his March 14 report, saying his “sources stand by it.”

“The American public needs to know more about this rather than less because a lot of the government surveillance authorities will expire in the fall,” said Napolitano. “And there’ll be a great debate on how much authority we want the government to have to surveil us, and the more the American public knows the more informed there and Congress’s decisions will be.

Napolitano had not been on the air since March 16, when White House press secretary Sean Spicer quoted his report in an effort to support President Trump’s claims of wiretapping.British intelligence officials have staunchly denied Napolitano’s claim, calling it “utterly ridiculous.”

Fox News anchors Shepard Smith and Bret Baier also said the network couldn’t verify it.

The 66-year-old former New Jersey Superior Court judge also appeared on “Varney & Company” on the Fox Business Network Wednesday morning.