Neo-Christianity (Christian Zionism) is Out of Step with the Gospels

February 2, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

An Associated Press article published in Fox News declares, “Palestinian Christians slam Pence’s pro-Israel faith” and reveals an accurate assessment of Christian Zionism not normally found in America’s Main Stream Media (MSM): “Palestinian Christians say U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s brand of evangelical Christianity, with its fervent embrace of modern-day Israel as fulfillment of biblical prophecy, lacks their faith’s compassion and justice, including for those who have endured half a century of Israeli occupation….”

Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem are looking for messengers of peace, not messengers of war like VP Mike Pence.

In this 27 minute podcast, Chuck Carlson, Tom Compton and Craig Hanson discuss the idea that Christian Zionism is not in step with the truth of the gospel and does not represent Jesus Christ and his ministry of peace, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation. Rather, Christian Zionism represents a selective compassion that ignores the plight of Palestinian Christians and Muslims. To get a good idea of Christian Zionism theology, we recommend reading Vice President Pence’s speech to the Israeli Knesset: Click Here.