‘Never talk to me again’: Ban on sanctuary jurisdictions passes Texas House despite tears, pleas for mercy

April 27, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Twitchy


As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the Texas House had taken up debate on Senate Bill 4 and was working its way through more than 180 amendments, a process which looked like it would continue well into the early morning.

It did, and after 16 hours of debate and plenty of tears, the Texas House passed #SB4 on a party line vote Thursday afternoon, 94 to 53.

The Texas House has given final approval to , which would penalize . http://kutne.ws/2qk7VtI 

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Texas House Approves ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday to penalize jurisdictions that don’t honor detainer requests from the federal Immigration and


just passed on 3rd reading. I feel sick @ the ease w/which this Legislature denied the humanity of so many I love

The legislation outlaws sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the state, imposes civil penalties for entities in violation of the law, and makes it a misdemeanor for sheriffs, constables, police chiefs, and local leaders not to cooperate with federal authorities and honor requests from immigration agents.

Democrats obviously are not happy about the outcome, and plenty of tears were shed during the debate. Rep. Mary Gonzalez made it clear to her colleagues that she hoped any who voted for #SB4 would never again speak to her.

.@RepMaryGonzalez sobbing at mic as she speaks in opposition to amdt. ‘We’re not exaggerating the effects of this” she says

“You’re protecting the rapists because women will not be able to come out.” –@RepMaryGonzalez on

“You can’t continue to have a victory and shove it down our throats” says @RepMaryGonzalez “Why do u have to do it like this?”

That must have been how Republican senators felt after President Obama told them, “I won.”

“All we want is mercy. All we asked for in our amendments, one by one was mercy. Please, beg of you, mercy.” – @GeneforTexas

Democrats, wearing butterfly pins to represent DREAMers, made their final statements Thursday afternoon.

Lots of House members currently learning about Mexican kids’ fear of “el cucuy”

Rep Alonso telling members is about the cucuy (Mexican boogeyman). Amdt would wait to implement until SCOTUS ruling

.@RafaelAnchia closing remarks on : “It’s been very hard for me to look at any of you”

“Modern discrimination is far more sophisticated” than in Bull Connor era, says @RafaelAnchia. No snarling dogs, water cannons.

.@RafaelAnchia on . “If ur goal was to strike terror into hearts of immigrants so they go home, u have succeeded. I hope UR satisfied.”

Speaking to those who voted for , @RafaelAnchia: “If your goal was to win yesterday at all costs, you succeeded”

Giddings on : my mind went back to slavery, when families were torn apart, children were taken away, husbands & wives separated.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was in a much more celebratory mood, obviously.

RT to thank Texas House for voting to ban sanctuary cities & impose jail time for offending officials. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/texas-house-votes-to-ban-sanctuary-cities/article/2621474 

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Texas House votes to ban ‘sanctuary cities’

Texas can now also criminally charge police chiefs and other city officials should they not help enforce immigration law.



Texas House Dems fast, cry, dress in black, wear butterfly pins in fight against sanctuary cities bill http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2017/04/26/texas-house-dems-fast-cry-dress-in-black-wear-butterfly-pins-in-fight-against-sanctuary-cities-bill/ 

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Texas House Dems fast, cry, dress in black, wear butterfly pins in fight against sanctuary cities…

Protesters were out in force in Austin today as House members were driven to tears over a bill that would ban sanctuary jurisdictions.