Protesters fill Capitol, chanting against sanctuary city legislation

Source: KXAN | By Christopher Adams AUSTIN (KXAN) — Hundreds of protesters packed the Capitol rotunda Monday, chanting against the already-passed Senate Bill 4, which bans sanctuary cities in the state. About
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‘Never talk to me again’: Ban on sanctuary jurisdictions passes Texas House despite tears, pleas for mercy

  Source: Twitchy   As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the Texas House had taken up debate on Senate Bill 4 and was working its way through more than 180 amendments, a
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Seattle Files Lawsuit Over ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Funding Threat

The city of Seattle on Wednesday announced a federal lawsuit over the Trump administration’s threat to withhold federal grants to so-called “sanctuary cities,” citing the 10th Amendment that deals with
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Legislative Update: 3/28/2017

  Source: FAIR Federal Judge UPHOLDS Travel Freeze USCIS Unveils EB-5 Regional Center Audit Compliance Program Americans Worry a “Great Deal” About Illegal Immigration Two Illegal Aliens Charged with Raping
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Hodgson Takes Fight Against Sanctuary Cities to Washington

  The Bristol County sheriff told lawmakers that the mayors of these cities are breaking the law and should be arrested.

De Blasio: We Are Preparing NYC Schools to Resist ICE Agents

  Source: Townhall At a press conference in front of New York’s Tweed Courthouse on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out the city’s plans to resist U.S. Immigration and
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Pelosi Claims Sanctuary Cities Make America A Safer Place



  Source: News With Views | By: Devvy Kidd After three decades since Ronald Reagan opened the flood gates for illegal aliens, FINALLY both states and the federal government are starting to
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  via: BLACKLISTED NEWS | By ZERO HEDGE Late last week, according to the Austin American- Statesman, the newly elected sheriff of Travis County, Texas, Sally Hernandez, vowed to limit cooperation with
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Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities

  Source: Breitbart | By JOHN BINDER The vast majority of residents living in California would like to see sanctuary cities barred, a state home to multiple jurisdictions which refuse to
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Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position

  Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch | By Ann Corcoran Before the Trump movement was born, I advocated that your grassroots efforts must focus on local initiatives to elect like-minded office holders
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Sanctuary Cities Ignore ICE Orders to Free 9,295 Criminal Aliens

Judicial Watch | OCTOBER 13, 2015 As the U.S. Senate considers a bill to slash funding for local governments that protect violent illegal immigrants, a new study reveals that hundreds of sanctuary
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Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network For years, the Obama administration has been making it abundantly clear that it is a friend of illegal immigrants.  Border security is a joke,
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Of Course Obama’s Amnesty Was Going To Cause A Massive Spike In Illegal Immigration

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network Some of us tried to warn that this would happen.  When you create incentives for people to come to the United States illegally, of
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