Just As Pelosi’s Base Turn Their Backs On Her Police Make A HUGE Bust At Her Office

  Source: The Patriot Chronicles | Daphne Moon    Nancy Pelosi’s office has been the site of several protests recently. Oddly enough it’s been from her own party- Or what used to
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Trump Hails Israel’s Wall as Model for U.S.-Mexico Border

  Finally he says something right. Mike Rivero pointed out yesterday that Nancy Pelosi has a nice big wall surrounding her home in California.  ????? Hmmm…  Feels that she needs
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Pelosi pushes back on impeachment calls: Without facts, it’s hearsay

  Source: Washington Examiner | by Sean Langille Pelosi told a CNN town hall that impeachment must be rooted in facts rather than personal opinions about the president. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) House
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Ranchers living on the border fire back at Nancy Pelosi

“Pelosi calls the border wall ‘immoral, expensive, unwise’.” – FOX NEWS

Pelosi: The People Deserve To Know What’s In Healthcare Bill Before We Pass It

  Source: Zero Hedge Back in 2010, amid the furor over the Democrat’s healthcare tax – soon to be nicknamed ‘Obamacare’ – Nancy Pelosi explained to the world, seemingly ignorant
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Pelosi Claims Sanctuary Cities Make America A Safer Place


Why Not Newt?

  Source: The New American | By William F. Jasper Newt Gingrich: Globalist “Conservative” as Trump VP? For months, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (shown) has been positioned by Fox TV as
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No-Fly List: Shades Of Nazi Germany

Chuck Baldwin Live | Published: Thursday, December 10, 2015 Democrat Congressman Mike Thompson (CA) and Republican Congressman Peter King (NY) are trying to push a bill through Congress that would deny
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Nancy Pelosi: Planned Parenthood Body Part Trafficking Is a “Controversy That Doesn’t Exist”

For those who thought that the murderers and their supporters would take this lying down—you are either naive or crazy.  There is one thing that leftists have always been known
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“We’ll find out what’s in it after we pass it”: The “story” of Obamacare

Source: Brass Check TV This will be interesting It’s one thing… To give weapons to Mexican drug dealers – and then lose track of them… To wage illegal wars and
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The Most Effective Weapon of the Globalists

By Dave Hodges Republic Broadcasting Network We often hear talk about the all-powerful global elite and how they are invincible. They are not invincible, they are blinded by their avarice,
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