New ‘CITIZEN REPORTER’ Pamphlet for Activists Stresses Media Coverup of Covid “Vax” Dangers

January 28, 2021 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff



By Mark Anderson / STOP THE PRESSES! / RBN

As promised during my Jan. 27 radio show, here is the 1st edition of Vol. 2 of the “Citizen Reporter” which RBN readers/listeners are strongly encouraged to download and share both electronically and via printouts for in-person distribution.
Whereas the last edition (the 4th one of the first Volume) emphasized that only 6% of the “confirmed” Covid-19 deaths were directly and solely caused by the nebulous “coronavirus,” this new edition stresses the considerable risks and dangers associated with the newly introduced Covid vaccines.
Special attention is given to the Mass Media Cartel’s absolute refusal to be honest with their viewers and readers about the real risks the new vaccines present. The latest CITIZEN REPORTER edition also gives hard data on apparently serious adverse reactions to the new Covid vaccines, including 181 deaths strongly suspected to be linked to the injections. That number is subject to frequent change and is probably considerably higher. Time will soon tell.
Time is of the essence to quickly raise a lot more public awareness about Covid vaccine dangers and stress the need for fully informed consent and the right of anyone to refuse the Covid vaccines without being penalized in terms of their employment, travel, relationships etc. There can be no wavering on these points. We are at a perilous crossroads and must act now.
Feel free to widely share the pamphlet via your online contacts, but most of the time it’s best to print 20-40 at a time, fold them into a tri-fold, and give them to drive-thru food staff, check-out store clerks, store managers and owners, doctors, nurses and their staffers, among friends and family, or hand them out at street corners or during protests, and absolutely anywhere else you can. The sky is literally the limit.
And always have a few copies handy to give to people with whom you strike up a conversation. The pamphlet (which has a small amount of color but can be printed black and white to save money) fits easily into a purse or into external or internal pockets.
You can also attach the CITIZEN REPORER PDF to emails and send them to government officials at all levels and to media reporters and editors (especially, but not limited to, smaller weekly newspapers who might be more open-minded that larger corporate newspapers).
And don’t forget to send a copy to your county sheriff. Your local City Council and County Board people also are good recipients. Mayors, too, especially in smaller towns.
Above all, hand them out to contacts who themselves are willing to print more and distribute the document in ever-widening circles. That’s why people “in the know” need to receive copies so they can help circulate the literature, along with the need to share them with those who have been fooled to whatever degree by the nonstop propaganda of the mass media cartel and the medical mafia. Convert them if you can!
Readers can contact me with any questions, including how to tri-fold the simple two-sided standard size piece of paper on which the pamphlet is printed, with three columns of text per side.
Also make sure to visit to see Ron Avery’s brochures on how upholding firm principles can enable the people to more strongly and intelligently oppose the Covid tyranny being erected before our very eyes.

In freedom, Mark Anderson
Skype: mark.anderson43