New Push for Amnesty MUST Be Crushed

January 22, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

January 22, 2024

Illegal Alien Threatens Independent Journalist After He Was Asked Where He Was From: “You Find Out Who I Am Very Soon”, Jan. 21, 2024

The border INVASION has back fired for the evil doers.  Oh, it’s worked as far as allowing more than 8 MILLION unvetted illegal aliens to be distributed around the country, but now even The UnReachables are starting to realize the “compassionate” theme has brought crime, chaos and in some way is now touching their lives.

We the People have begged “our” government to shut down and secure the border for decades.  BOTH parties have diddled while globalists like Klaus Swab, Bill Gates, Koch, Zuckerberg and other world government advocates have continued moving forward.  And what have the American people done for decades?  They scream about the illegals invasion and turn right around and vote for their incumbent in the primary who then goes on to “win” in the general election.  Re-hire the same incompetent agenda driven miscreants who have allowed this national disaster to grow like weeds.  And, they expected something to change?

Since 2014, (A Bill: Stop all Public Welfare in Any Form for Illegal Aliens) I have written countless letters to Trump after his 2016 election, cc’d to his chief honcho, Stephen Miller and dozens of former and current U.S. House Reps and Senators to get dirty (now deceased) senator Harry Reid’s [D-NV] 1993 immigration bill passed and signed into law.  It IS the strongest anti-illegals bill ever written (Reagan’s was a welcome sign):  Cut off ALL welfare in every form, state and federal.  That bill also blows the BS known as ‘anchor babies’ right out of the water.  It would cause tens of MILIONS of illegal aliens to self-deport.

From big-mouth Rep. Chip Roy to Ted Cruz not a single response nor is this even a consideration by Congress after Congress for decades while Americans are killed/murdered, robbed, raped EVERYDAY in this country by human garbage who have NO right to be on U.S. soil.

Bond set for illegal immigrant deported four times who allegedly killed mom, son in drunken driving crash, Jose Guadalupe Menjivar-Alas is being held in Colorado’s Broomfield County Jail, Jan. 19, 2024 (El Salvador).  Bond?  So he can go out and kill more innocents Americans?  //  Illegal Alien (Honduras) , Charged with Raping Teen Girl, Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHSMay 19, 2023.  “This rape never should have happened,” Autauga County District Attorney CJ Robinson told local media of the incident, noting that Zavala was an illegal alien who first arrived at the southern border in November 2021 using a fake name.

“Despite having a criminal record in Honduras, Zavala was apprehended, processed, and quickly released into the U.S. interior by Biden’s DHS — ending up in Prattville, Alabama, to work in the local construction industry, illegally.”  Another child’s life ruined by a POS.

Our WEF governor (Texas) Greg Abbott finally found his backbone and has implemented some effective actions but as long as illegals continue to rape this country for free everything, they will keep coming.  93% of asylum applications are bogus and dismissed and now millions since fake president, career criminal Joe Biden, was unlawfully sworn into office, those asylum seekers are being given court dates as far off as 2030 or longer.  Think they’ll show up?

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  This is the same CRAP Ronald Reagan signed off on and it must be crushed.  What a load of propaganda.  They aren’t undocumented immigrants.  They’re illegal aliens who have no right to be on U.S. soil regardless of country of origin.

Congresswoman Salazar Introduces Dignity Act – “The Utah Compact on Immigration, first adopted by Utah’s government and business leaders in 2010, established 5 pillars of focus for immigration policy: Federal Solutions, Law Enforcement, Families, Economy, and a Free Society. While I have been in Congress, I have used the Utah Compact to guide me in developing and voting on immigration policy. In line with these values, I am proud to support the DIGNITY Act, which addresses all 5 of these pillars,” said Congressman John Curtis (UT-03).

“Like the Compact, the DIGNITY Act balances the need for a secure and working border with compassionate policies that keep families together, ensures employers have access to a reliable foreign workers, and welcomes people into our society and communities. Fair immigration policy is the Utah way and I am proud to be an original cosponsor and supporter of this important bill to provide certainty to Dreamers, reform asylum laws and procedures, provide a path to redemption for those who have contributed to our society for decades, and overhaul our broken immigration system consistent with Utah’s values.”

“One only has to look at our southern border right now to know that illegal immigration has reached a crisis point in this country. Since coming to Congress, reforming our broken system has been one of my top priorities—particularly by ensuring we have a workable guestworker program for our agriculture industry,” said Congressman Dan Newhouse (WA-04).

“This legislation builds off of those efforts, recognizes the contributions of immigrants, strengthens our national security, and bolsters our local economies and small businesses. I am proud to join Rep. Salazar in introducing the Dignity Act, a comprehensive proposal to finally fix our broken immigration system.”  It’s also pushing multiculturalism which DOES NOT WORK IN A WESTERN CULTURE LIKE THE U.S.  That’s not racist, it’s proven over time to be absolutely true.  Look at the cultural destruction in Europe for which leaders were forewarned and didn’t listen.  Now they regret their stupid, foolish decisions regarding multiculturalism.

That bill was introduced back in Feb. 2022.  Dignity my arse and will NOT stop the hordes from flooding across our border.  It REWARDS those who violated OUR immigration laws to steal jobs and drain our country of resources – just like Reagan’s “the mother of all immigration reform bills”.  The massive invasion really ramped up as soon as China’s _itch, Joe Biden, was unlawfully sworn into office.  This isn’t about dignity it’s about the security of OUR country, our values, our traditions and OUR existing immigration laws.

DemonRat Salazar along with RINO’s reintroduced her bill in May 2023 and is pushing hard for it now.  Let me remind Salazar what one of the dirtiest, corrupt former U.S. senators said about her BS:  A BILL: STOP ALL PUBLIC WELFARE IN ANY FORM FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, Aug. 24, 2014, my column.  One of the top Democrats in the Senate now deceased:

Our Federal Wallet Stretched To Limit By Illegal Aliens Getting Welfare’ “Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally.” – Senator Dirty Harry Reid, Democratic/Communist Party USA. He also said that the U.S. open door policy is being abused at the expense of honest, working citizens. August 5, 1993, Dirty Harry’s office issued the following:

“In response to increased terrorism and abuse of social programs by aliens, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Today introduced the first and only comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress. Currently, an alien living illegally in the United States often pays no taxes but receives unemployment, welfare, free medical care and other federal benefits. Recent terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombing, have underscored the need to keep violent criminals out of the country.

“Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants placing tremendous burdens on our criminal justice system, schools and social programs. The Immigration and Naturalization Service needs the ability to step up enforcement. Our federal wallet is stretched to the limit by illegal aliens getting welfare, food stamps, medical care, and other benefits often without paying any taxes.”

“Safeguards like welfare and free medical care are in place to boost Americans in need of short-term assistance. These programs were not meant to entice freeloaders and scam artists from around the world. Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally.”

“Reid’s statements were to announce a bill he introduced back then titled the Immigration Stabilization Act [S.1351]. I’m betting it was not written by Dirty Harry, but by lawyers who know what they’re doing and the sure to come legal challenges. It covers the whole gambit of turning off the trillions spent over the past 28 years since Reagan sold us out. One section I want to highlight: TITLE X–CITIZENSHIP


“In the exercise of its powers under section 5 of the Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Congress has determined and hereby declares that any person born after the date of enactment of this title to a mother who is neither a citizen of the United States nor admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, and which person is a national or citizen of another country of which either of his or her natural parents is a national or citizen, or is entitled upon application to become a national or citizen of such country, shall be considered as born subject to the jurisdiction of that foreign country and not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States within the meaning of section 1 of such Article and shall therefore not be a citizen of the United States or of any State solely by reason of physical presence within the United States at the moment of birth.

Dirty Harry was speaking about the legal fiction called ‘anchor babies’ something I have been very vocal about: States Must Fight Legal Fiction Called Anchor Babies. Judge Jeanine ‘Illegally Entering U.S. Is Not a Right to Citizenship‘ – She is on point and says it like it is: “I draw but one conclusion: Barack Obama is intentionally using the immigration crisis as an excuse to change the demographics and ultimately the electorate of this nation.” Illegals tell filmmakers: we were told to vote democrat, or be deported: “Livingston wrote that, prior to the 2012 presidential election, “the illegals were handed voter registrations and told they would be sent to states with NO ID check for voting.”

“Of course, that puffed up peacock has changed his tune: Harry Reid: The Border is Secure, Now We Need Illegal Alien Amnesty – July 15, 2014: “Ladies and gentlemen, an idiot.”

Back in 2006 & 2007 I attended huge rallies by ILLEGAL aliens at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA and LA.  At that time and for years the prostitute MSM barfed up 11 MILLION illegals currently in the US. It was 3 MILLION in 1986 when Reagan signed his open the border “reform bill”.

Hogwash.  By the time Trump was elected the first time, it was a conservative estimate of 30 MILLION illegals.  Now nearly 8 years later and roughly 6.8 MILLION more since Biden soiled OUR White House, the numbers are astronomical.  They come to steal from you, me, our children and grandchildren.

Not enough housing everyone is complaining.  How many houses and apartments are being rented by millions of illegal aliens in this country?

Americans are NOT aware of how serious a problem we have with water supply – especially in drought states like California – big ag belt.  How much water do you think 35-40 MILLION illegals use everyday for showers, baths, laundry, cooking, watering a yard?

Schools being invaded with millions of children who have no right to be on U.S. soil vacuuming up district school resources.  School districts screaming they don’t have enough money so our property taxes keep going up.  Illegals are a HUGE reason.

Drugs by the tons killing children and teens.  Border Patrol Union: ‘Here’s a Shocking Bit of News for the Uninformed’, Jan. 10, 2024  – “The entire picture would scare the hell out of you America.”  Here’s how we’re getting SCREWED in Texas.  Just wait until it hits your city AND IT WILL – Denver Hospital In Financial Crisis: Surge of Illegals Contributes to $130M in “Uncompensated Care”, Jan. 18, 2024

The Price of Open Borders, Sept. 28, 2023 – “In the 2021 Texas State budget, nearly $3 billion was allocated for a variety of border security-specific purposes. Now, the new budget passed earlier this year allocates more than $5.1 billion for border security efforts. All because Joe Biden refuses to protect America’s border here at home.

“There are other costs and illegal immigrant magnets as well:  The cost of medical expenses for illegal immigrants and their children was roughly $1.2 billion in Texas last year.  “Crime committed by illegal immigrants cost Texas taxpayers more than $1.7 billion in 2022, according to research by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

“The burden put on Texas taxpayers for public education of illegals in the 2022-2023 school year exceeded $6.6 billion.  “Welfare services obtained by illegals reach over $172 million.

“Plus, despite two decades of republican control of the State Legislature, Texas still provides in-state tuition for illegals at our institutions of higher education such as at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas in Austin.  (TX AG Ken Paxton: PLYLER v. DOE, 457 U.S. 202 Must be Overturned, Oct. 2, 2023, mine)

“More recently, even Governor Abbott’s busing program, where tax dollars are used to transport, via bus, thousands of illegals deeper into the country, is adding to the costs. While this program might help to temporarily relieve some of the pressure on Texas’ border towns, it provides a strong incentive for illegals, knowing there is a good chance they can receive free, easy transportation farther north.”

“For Texas, because of the simple nature of the issue, it is difficult to gauge precise, total costs to taxpayers. According to an analysis by the Huffines Liberty Foundation, the total cost to support illegal aliens to Texas taxpayers is more than $10 billion. Add in the roughly $2.5 billion that the State spends on border security efforts each fiscal year, the total cost quickly approaches $13 billion per year.”

I voted for Huffines against Abbott in the last gubernational primary race.  Of course, he lost because of misplaced blind and undeserving loyalty to Abbott.  So, of course, come Nov., I had to vote for Abbott to keep another Marxist Democrat loon from winning.

MILLIONS of new illegals (who knows how many were/are ‘get aways’) are KILLING our health care system.  Coming here diseased with TB and a long list of medical problems getting “free” health care while you struggle to pay your health care premiums which keep going up.  Can’t get an appointment for weeks when you need one now because illegal aliens are clogging up our health care system (and courts) while stealing the fruits of your labor to reward them.

Cheap labor at the cost of a paycheck for a natural born or naturalized citizen – supported by a hell of a lot of Republicans with a financial stake.  They Died for “Cheap” Labor, mine, April 3, 2006 (Some of the links are now dead) “It’s just a matter of time and if you think I’m full of it, watch this flash presentation from the web site You can also find the list of traitorous counterfeit U.S. Senators who have sold us out here.

“You watch these racist Mexicans with their faces and heads covered and you’re looking at the same pictures we see in the Middle East of terrorists. Look at these Mexicans grabbing their crotches, flipping us the bird, shouting “death to the rednecks, ” “up your fing ass, kill the gringos” and wishing “Bin Laden had dropped a hydrogen bomb on the “Jewish shhole called Manhattan.” This WILL come to your city, town and neighborhood and if this doesn’t prompt you to demand the state militias get organized and ready, you live in dangerous denial.

“I had a number of e-mails from individuals trying to justify hiring illegals. This past weekend, that buffoon, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, was quoted by UPI: “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says golf fairways would suffer if illegal immigrants were returned to their native country. “You and I are beneficiaries of these jobs,” Bloomberg told his WABC-AM radio co-host, John Gambling. “You and I both play golf; who takes care of the greens and the fairways in your golf course? Nobody wants to deport them, in the end, because people need them to take these jobs and do the things that nobody else is doing,” said Bloomberg.” How shameful.

Another big fat lie I’ve covered as have so many fair, sensible immigration web sites.  Americans did and do jobs but illegals are cheaper.  Cash under the table, no workman’s comp or payroll tax burdens for the employer.

Maine looks to migrant surge to remedy worker shortage  –  Large African immigrant communities have found footholds in Portland, Lewiston, Jan. 19, 2024

Hawley demands answers from TSA on migrants using controversial app to board planes: ‘This is outrageous’, Jan. 19, 2024 – Just wait until one of those Muslim suicide bombers boards your flight.

Texas Begins Arresting, Charging Illegal Immigrants In Eagle Pass As Border Feud With Biden Admin Intensifies, Jan. 19, 2024 (Which Texas has every right to do and what WEF gov. Abbott should have done January 22, 2021.)

EPIC Hungary’s Orbán on EU ‘Blackmail’: ‘There Is Not Enough Money in the World To Force Us To Accept Mass Migration and To Put Our Children in the Hands of LGBTQ Activists’, Jan. 19, 2024

He is a NASTY piece of work:  Dem Rep. Dan Goldman Tries to Lecture Woman Who Lost Her Daughter to Fentanyl and She Schools Him: ‘I’ve Been to the Border Sir, Have You?’ (VIDEO), Jan. 19, 2024

Quebec Premier Legault Demands Canadian PM Justin Trudeau ‘Stem the Flow of Refugees’, Says Provinces Services Are ‘at a Breaking Point’, Jan 20, 2023  //  Cartel human smuggling business is turning entire border towns into war zones – Cartels are making millions of dollars in smuggling migrants into the US, Jan. 21, 2024

Ireland at the Brink: Journalist Philip Dwyer Exposes The Country’s Battle Against ‘Engineered Migration’ (Exclusive Interview), Jan. 20, 2024 – “We’ve had things going on in this country that never happened before…We’ve had a huge amount of sexual assaults, rapes, attempted child abductions, and they all seem to be coming from the people who are moving here from the Middle East, which, you know, you can just take it that they are Muslim, they are of the Islamic faith.”

“In a powerful and eye-opening interview with RAIR Foundation USA, Irish journalist and politician Philip Dwyer shared his alarming insights into Ireland’s migration crisis. Dwyer paints a picture of a nation under siege from what he describes as a deliberately engineered crisis, with far-reaching consequences on its cultural identity, public safety, and economic stability.

The Crisis Unveiled: A Calculated Demographic Shift

“Philip Dwyer emphatically states that the recent influx of migrants is not a spontaneous phenomenon but a strategically orchestrated scheme. “Immigration has been weaponized to the point where it’s about population replacement, especially here in Ireland,” Dwyer declares, indicating a deliberate influx of primarily military-age men posing as refugees.”

Yep, and it won’t stop. 10,000 per day estimated by border patrol everyday forward.  Rapists, murderers, drug dealers, alcoholics, drug addicts, scum of the earth.  Cheap labor, gang members, illiterates coming for your paycheck in freebies. So many are military age males.

May 9, 2023:  Border Patrol clears way for more migrant releases to city streets, sources say: ‘The dam is about to break’ (No, the dam broke a long time ago.  For months it’s been 10,000-12,000 PER DAY.)

Oh, gee, our WEF governor, Abbott didn’t know anything about what was going on at OUR border and he was embarrassed?  Worth watching or reading transcript.  Todd Bensman LIVE From Border on Texas-Mexico Stand OffMay 11, 2023

Explosive border video reveals dark secrets of invading illegals – ‘If this is not treason, I don’t know what is’, May 16, 2023 – It is because the fake Biden administration is aiding and abetting the cartels as well as terrorists coming across.

What can YOU do?  Call your U.S. Rep and tell him/her NO AMNESTY OR PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP and keep calling.  ALL THAT DOES IS KEEP THE HORDES COMING.  STOP REWARDING CRIMINALS WHO VIOLATE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS.  You break a law in our country, you are a criminal.

Remind he/she the primaries are coming up and by God We the People have had it with rewarding illegals.  Trump has promised on the campaign trail he will immediately begin the biggest deportation operation ever seen in this country.  He tried endlessly in his first term only to be beaten down by agenda driven, gutless judges and a GOP majority in both chambers regarding the wall and shutting down the borer.  Yes, the Republicans had 18 months of control under Trump.  They could have gotten Dirty Harry Reid’s bill passed and Trump sign it into law.  This monstrous disaster would not be happening.

Trump’s going to do it with National Guard and a few other actions which he has the authority to do as Commander-in-Chief under Art. II, Section 2.  Just sickening the constitutional militia has been ignored; Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote columns galore and still nothing was done except send us more money to fight gun-grabbing bills.  We’ve crushed amnesty many times before in the past twenty years or so and we MUST do it again.  The only thing those cockroaches in Congress fear is not getting reelected and it starts with the primaries.

Hordes from 120 different countries have been invading our country for decades and look where we are today.  HUGE Muslim populations taking over cities and getting elected to public offices and even judges.  The Trojan Horse had been unloading here at a rapid pace.  OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Most Destructive and Naked Act of Treason in U.S History, Sept. 29, 2023.  “Perpetrated by an Extremely Deceitful POTUS Imposter, his Plotting Administration of Turncoats and a Betraying Congress of Traitors. Submitted by A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer. It does not get any more dangerous and deadly for the American Republic than OPERATION TROJAN HORSE.  Here’s why: (See link)

Biden’s Open Border Is a National Security ‘Risk This Country Cannot Afford’, Jan. 21, 2024 //  Terrorists Coming Across the Border Will Strike at Some Point, Jan. 8, 2024

Muslims ‘impossible to integrate’ in Europe, says Czech leader

Islamophobia: Why We Need It In America, Nov. 6, 2023

SHOCK VIDEO: Massive Race-Fueled Brawls Between Black and Somali Students Break Out at Minneapolis High School – Two Parents Arrested, Jan. 20, 2024 (Majority of Somali’s are Muslim.)

This is one of the most important column’s I’ve ever written on Muslims, 2012

Islam Is Not Compatible With Civilized Society, Part 1  //  Islam Is Not Compatible With Civilized Society, Part 2  //  Islam Is Not Compatible With Civilized Society, Part 3  //  Islam Is Not Compatible With Civilized Society, Part 4

Why Multiculturalism Can’t Work, Feb. 18, 2011

Multiculturalism: A Failed Policy, Oct. 21, 2012 (While I don’t agree with his comment about embracing liberal democracies (mob rule), don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.)

Merkel says German multicultural society has failed, Oct, 17, 2012

Republicans hold (by a thread) power in the House and they can kill Salazar’s bill so every call counts. Please spread the word far and wide; email lists & social media.  H.R.3599 – DIGNIDAD (Dignity) Act of 2023

For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions. Order two books and save $10.00