New Russia Mess: Three Takeaways for Investors

August 2, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Editor CEC: Martin Weiss, who founded an investment service, tells us: “Russia scandals and paranoia continue to dominate the news cycle, disrupt Congress and plague the White House. Yet, ironically, it seems there are still few people inside or outside the Beltway who truly understand Russian-American relations…Seven days ago, I presented three alternative theories: (1) Russia as an ally, (2) Russia as a Cold War adversary, and (3) Russia as enemy #1.”

Weiss continues:

How can a country be a major trade partner with the West and an archenemy of the West at the same time?  The answer takes us back to …

Theory #2
Russia as a Cold War Adversary

This is the broad middle ground that takes into account elements of both alliance and hostility; cooperation and competition; hopes for peace and fears of war.

It presumes a delicate balance between friendship and force. Like walking a tightrope, policymakers must stick to a disciplined, narrow path. Anytime they try to overplay their hand or lean too heavily toward one side or the other, they risk an adverse reaction that tips the balance in the opposite direction.

This is why veteran strategists advocate a very cautious, step-by-step, friendly-but-tough partnership approach to Russia. And this is where the majority of our readers also fall.

Editor Charles E. (Chuck) Carlson adds: Martin Weiss, has spelled it out much as I would like to have written it.  And most answers from his readers are worth while because they have been there.  Russia has its Oligarchs and so do we in America.  Ours have been called The Military Industrial Complex by a former President.  Neither country is quite what it claims to be, but we have no reason to be enemies except to make those Warmakers on both sides more rich at the expense of the populations.

We are not recommending Mr. Weiss’ service, I have never met him, but this story hits the nail on the head. Thanks Dr. Weiss.-CEC

 Full Story From Martin Weiss