Newsbreak 15: Chris from Las Vegas Reports on Wrongful Court-Ordered Psych Evaluation

February 13, 2019 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Streamed live on Feb 12, 2019

Chris from Las Vegas, a former multi-jurisdictional Law Enforcement officer and military police with experience in Oklahoma and Nevada PDs, an etymological and linguistic researcher with an interest in language and the law, and a political activist keen to inform Americans about language fraud and corruption in the court system and government, reports that he is currently being targeted for a second Psych Evaluation after a previous (baseless and unlawful) 5150 Hold/Psych Commit. He reports being targeted by the FBI and Law Enforcement repeatedly in Nevada primarily for being an outspoken yet powerfully informed and law-aware critic of Masonic government and police networks, and recounts several instances of unusual targeting by police, where he has indeed been in fear for his life.
A primary aspect of his targeting appears to be property-acquisition on a large scale by zoning agencies under ICLEI/Agenda 21 strictures; he reports a prize antique car being confiscated and a raid on his property, with papers seemingly issued by a foreign association signed by officials from the Zoning Agency and Animal Control.
Through a peculiar encounter in a parking lot where a police officer who supposedly stopped him for a traffic infarction called back-up which included a sniper, 15 police units, EMS, and two helicopters and arrested him, he reports a code on the police car monitor which said Hot Ten TWA–which he interprets as dangerous, Threat Level Ten, Terrorist Watchlist and Suicidal–all of which is utterly false he says, as he has lived his life in service to his community and is most certainly not suicidal.
By this means however–wrongful terrorlisting–he is now being framed as a legitimate target, much as many hundreds if not thousands in the USA and indeed worldwide are being targeted. From his research, Chris shares notice of certain lawsuits online and forms online which can be used by the wrongfully targeted to give notice to the DHS and demand to be removed from wrongful lists.
Fascinating information with much insight into the massive legal and language fraud run by the Romans and British and central bankers which continues to hold people captive worldwide, but which can be dissolved by right research, right notice to the right parties, and an understanding and reclaiming of our natural and common law and on-the-land rights. More information on how exactly to do this will be explored and published at this channel. Stay tuned.
Chris’s comments on the NDAA to the Clark County Commission in Nevada from 2013 and 2017 can be found here:
Chris Cave at Clark County Commission 12/17/13: The day we won against t… Please visit Courtroom Watch for numbers to call and people to send emails to on Chris’s behalf:…
Listen to Courtroom Watch’s call for Chris Cave on Feb 11, describing how a traffic court is seeking a Psych evaluation for a patriot:
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–Ramola D