O’Biden Regime World War

March 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Lex Greene

March 3, 2023

Before discussing the World War that’s about to erupt all over the globe, we have to discuss the foundational facts at the heart of this matter, namely, how we got here and why we are unlikely to avoid it now.

I also have to establish the reality that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not running anything. Neither is capable of running anything, which is why they were installed here in the USA, the same way Zelensky was install in Ukraine by the same people. All are mere puppets of evil puppet-masters, which is why I refer to it as the O’Biden Regime, Obama’s 3rd term.

FACT #1 – Vladimir Putin is not at war with Ukraine. He’s also not stupid or crazy, like our current leaders in the USA. He has no intention of making Ukraine part of Russia. Putin is at war with the USA in Ukraine, and USA surrogates NATO, the UN and WEF. Putin is not a conqueror, he’s a “Russia First” leader of a sovereign country under attack from the USA and the Global Reset cabal. Russia isn’t the Soviet Union anymore. The O’Biden Regine governs like a cold war communist dictatorship, not Putin.

FACT #2 – The war in Ukraine was set in motion when the Obama Regime toppled the legitimate government of Ukraine in 2014 and installed their interim puppet, later installing Obama puppet, Zelensky, a mere comedic actor until now, and not even any good at that.

FACT #3 – Ukraine is one of many countries that have had their governments toppled via “Colour Revolutions” ignited, funded and commanded by the Obama Regime, which installed political puppets for Obama between 2009-2017 in every case. In each case, Obama toppled governments in Moldova, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Macedonia, and attempted Syria. Not one of them has become a legitimate democratic country since. They are all as thick with authoritarian corrupt governments as they were before the Obama led “uprisings.” Now Obama & Co. is focused on Russia and the USA, in an all for one grand final takedown!

FACT #4 – The greatest threat to USA sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, and justice is our own unconstitutional Federal Government. Not that long ago, I would have said it was the Marxists in the USA who, like Obama, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, set out decades ago to “fundamentally transform America.” The same people are 100% responsible for the war in Ukraine and the World War they are igniting today.

In case you haven’t noticed, they have even coopted fake conservatives like Fox News hosts and “the great one” Mark Levin to rant and rave on how “every American must support the coming World War” that nobody is going to win. Sellouts, one and all, for mere money!

As the O’Biden Regime drives us all into WWIII, it is highly unlikely that we can avoid what’s coming.

First, Americans were asleep and disengaged from their “self-governance” for decades and now, we are way late in the game. Americans are likely way too late and still doing far too little to alter the course of history. Our government has also created total division in our country, pitting American against American over a laundry list of divisive issues designed to make it impossible for Americans to ever stand together against our totally unconstitutional criminal cabal in DC. But that’s not all…

The level of total corruption in our government elites is off the charts. What started in the 60s as a Marxist revolution in the USA, now consumes every Federal Branch and Agency of our Federal government, along with numerous State governments. The O’Biden Regime governs like a pure communist dictatorship now, with stumbling-bumbling Joe reading unconstitutional edicts from his teleprompter, as if he’s Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

Meanwhile, massive evidence of incredible global crime and corruption by political figures in DC and beyond is beginning to break through the all-consuming media blackout on how our country has been stolen from the people and bankrupted…our Military and National Security system almost entirely dismantled and demolished, and global enemies of freedom and liberty erected for a Klaus Schwab Global Reset, all paid for by American taxpayers.

Because the truth is beginning to reach daylight, the O’Biden Regime will force us into a World War, in an effort to “unite” Americans against foreign threats that these treasonous bastards created, in order to prevent the American people from ever uniting against them.

In just the past 25 months, the O’Biden Regime has demolished everything. We have record high inflation, skyrocketing interest rates, complete supply line shortages, massive “non-employment” with the smallest percentage of Americans participating in the work force ever, a record foreign invasion at our borders, violent crime, and property damage at an all-time high, record drug addiction and deaths, murder and suicide rates at record levels, the economy in the tank and headed for the toilet, the depletion of our energy supply along with utter destruction of our medical system, and…WWIII on the brink.

To suggest that the O’Biden Regime has not been entirely successful is to turn a blind eye to what they have done. They have accomplished more to destroy America in the past 25 months than all foreign enemies have been able to accomplish in the past 250 years. They are hugely successful if you understand their purpose and intent.

Because the truth about record crime and corruption in our government, the election fraud of 2020 and 2022, the bioweapon attack labeled COVID19 and the death sentence of the so-called “vaccines” will soon reach broad daylight, the O’Biden Regime has to make it all go away by starting a World War. If they don’t, the American people will soon rise up to remove countless political criminals guilty of treason from power.

The only way they can prevent the American people from uniting against them, is to unite the American people against someone else, in this case Putin, or their Global Reset train will derail very soon.

For this reason, I do not see a way to avoid what’s speeding towards us today. It was all designed and put in motion long ago. By the time a majority of Americans figure it all out, they will no longer have the means to defend themselves, much less take down the enemies within.

I don’t say these things lightly. In fact, once again, I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

But the hour is near now, and we will soon know. I suggest that every American prepare for the worst, and pray for the best. We have seen the run up to war before, we can smell it in the air. But the world has never seen the size and magnitude of what’s coming. We should have put this down a long time ago.

Going-along to get-along brought us all here. Americans will soon learn the hard way, that you will never be able to go-along enough to ever get-along with the evil miscreants we are dealing with today.

God help us all…