Oh, This Payback Will Be A Bitch — A Crook, By the Book, On the Hook

January 13, 2016 in Columnists, Je Suis Spike, News by RBN Staff

By Je Suis Spike

Acknowledging that voting for Republicans is mostly a feckless adventure in pointlessness, I must share that I didn’t always have enough sense to not vote for Democrats, either. But, even while voting Democrat, I did have enough sense to recognize a very stupid tactic employed by many Republicans on the street with regard to the resignation of Richard Nixon, he having been exposed of unsavory behavior, much thought illegal. So many of these Republicans went around attempting to exonerate President Nixon a bit by casting aspersions on others: “Well everybody in politics does what Nixon did, he just got caught.”

I warned them that this departure from principles, this failure to recognize and denounce the actions of Nixon, those actions being worthy of denunciation, would likely bite them in the rear end some day and that day, I fear, draweth nigh. Honest, informed, thinking people know, of course, that some of the actions of Hillary Clinton are criminal and worthy of heavy-duty punishment, but the Democrat on the street, even if they recognize her illegal activities, we’ll just whitewater, um, uh, er we’ll just whitewash her actions by saying, “Well, everybody in politics does something wrong, Hillary just got caught.”

This is what happens when we trade our principles for personalities or political parties. I hope every Republican who ever minimized Nixon’s known illegal actions, (admittedly small potatoes compared to the actions of many in government today who wipe their rear ends with the Constitution)*, remember how they whitewashed Nixon by denigrating all others in politics.

  • Yes, I just minimized Nixon’s behavior by comparing it to those who shred the Constitution today, I admit, but I do not claim that everybody in government is a crook and thereby allow any/every crook off the hook, I’m just suggesting a list big enough to make a book. Let’s just see if Hillary’s gets pardoned.
    Je Suis Spike