One RESET or Another (choose)

September 6, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Lex Greene

September 6, 2023

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, let me help.

The United States of America will very soon go through a total RESET that will impact absolutely everyone and everything. It will either be part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) GREAT COVID RESET designed to create a one world government, currency, and total system run by known Nazis and global tyrants that will make every living American a slave… or, it will be the exact opposite RESET of, by and for the legal American Citizens.

Make no mistake, one or the other WILL happen very soon. There is nothing between these two options, nothing at all. We WILL have one or the other. If we continue to allow the WEF Reset to advance in the USA, head Nazi Klaus Schwab will be half right in his promise, “we will own nothing” and they will own everything. But…no one will be happy except those with a seat at the WEF Nazi table…

For the WEF RESET to complete, the American people do not need to do anything at all. Americans can continue to sit quietly on the sidelines, waiting to see what happens next, hoping and praying for someone else to do something to prevent the final demise of the USA. They can continue to go-along to get-along, but in the end, they will never be able to get along with their new Nazi global masters.

To stop the WEF RESET from happening in the USA, there is a lot the American people will have to do, most of it things they have never done before, and things they have been gaslighted into never doing.

As I write, for the first time in 247-years, a former President and major frontrunner in the 2024 GOP race for the White House has been attacked with a myriad of false charges that amount to nothing more than being charged with having and speaking his opinions regarding unlawful elections. I can sum up all of the charges against Trump really quick…

  • He’s charged with having an opinion that the global tyrants won’t tolerate.
  • He’s charged with stating that opinion as if he has a Right to free speech.
  • And he’s charged with peaceably assembling his supporters for redress of their growing number of grievances.

All of these things are protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention by Executive Privilege of a sitting and former President as well. No decent legitimate court anywhere on earth would ever even entertain such charges, certainly not in any “land of the free.”

Still, here we are…and with good reason, a vast majority of Americans fear the same fate if they dare to stand up and take action against the most criminal corrupt federal administration in 247-years of U.S. history. To be sure, the weaponized federal government must be respected for their immense power and assets currently aimed at every freedom and liberty loving American.

The gaslighting by the global Marxists currently in control of all federal assets under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, has been entirely successful. In fact, it has been so successful that many Americans still send their children to equally anti-American school systems tearing families apart and destroying generations at breakneck speed.

Contrary to false propaganda by the left and their entirely controlled news media, Americans are some of the most peaceful people anywhere on earth, or at least they used to be, before their own government unleashed hell on earth via BLM, ANTIFA and the mass invasion at our borders, forcing even democrat controlled “sanctuary cities” to push back against O’Biden policies.

Most days, you can look around and things seem largely normal, even though what now passes for normal stretches even the most insane imaginations. But understand, if you fear your government, YOU ALREADY LIVE UNDER BOOT! You have already surrendered!

No one can change this but YOU, us, We the People, from whom ALL political power and authority is derived.

Yes indeed, the Declaration of Independence guarantees the American Citizens the RIGHT to “alter or abolish” any government which has become tyrannical in nature and destructive of these ends…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yes, if the American people continue to attempt to go-along to get-along, keeping their mouths shut and their heads down, in a doomed attempt to avoid eventual conflict with tyrants, the final confrontation will be far worse than if they address it all now, while there remains peaceful options on the table.

Soon, one of these WARNINGS will be the last warning you will get. By then, your options will be last resort options only. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THEN!

Once you know that someone means you and your family harm, every second you wait, you lose options, your attackers gain strength. In my opinion, Americans have waited far too long already. If they wait much longer, they will be forced to defend themselves and loved ones on their own doorsteps.


A proposed 2024 GOP People’s Pledge designed to seize voter control of the GOP primaries away from DC banana republicans has been issued. Every conservative pro-America voter who plans on voting in the GOP primaries, regardless of past party affiliations, should read it, sign it, and send it to the RNC in DC and their State Republican Party, and adhere to it. This isn’t about the candidate, it’s about the voters refusing to be dictated by DC to any longer.

No, I do not expect current banana republicans to suddenly start representing the will of their voters. If I did, I wouldn’t be endorsing this action.

Instead, this is an action (promising what we won’t do) that the Party has no power to stop. It’s a LIVE boycott against everyone working to destroy Trump and us. They can run anyone they want against Trump, but only until they are all stripped of any donations and votes. That’s how we make sure to choose our own candidate, regardless of party leadership plans.

Democrats should create something similar to this, to take control over their party nominee for 2024, refusing to back Biden or Harris, or anyone else who has sold America down the drain while making millions in foreign money to do it, Hillary, Obama, and many others.

If you won’t do this, then you need to stop whining about “lesser evil” choices in the general elections.

Stay tuned for more… alone, there is nothing any of us can do. But together, united in action, there is nothing we cannot do.