Our Press And Our Educators Aligning Against America… Again

November 14, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Clash Daily | By Larry Usoff

Let me say, right up-front, that I am very patriotic, and things that are done, or said, that are denigrating to America disturb me greatly. So, it was really upsetting to discover that seeing our country’s flag would be a problem for school children. In my day we started our school day by pledging our allegiance to the flag and the country it represented. Today’s children are not either allowed, permitted, or made, to do that. What does it say to you about a generation that’s being reared on the premise that the United States is the villain of the world? To me, it says that the wrong things are being taught and, furthermore, if a person despises the country in which he/she lives, do you really think they would go to war to defend it? I don’t think so.

There’s a small city in upstate New York, New Paltz to be exact, where a puzzling incident took place. A blank wall of a building, facing the nearby school, was to be painted…what’s wrong with that, you say? The building, housed a pizza shop, and the owner of that shop wanted to paint an American flag on the blank wall. Kudos, you say, a patriotic gesture, right? Not so fast. Some in the community were offended by the idea because the mural is across from a middle school and would force the kids to look at the American flag, which they call a symbol of hatred and oppression. WHAT? If the American flag stands for anything, it is freedom, and more of it than anywhere else in the world! How could a rational person say those derogatory things about our country’s symbol?

Joey Garcia, a New York state corrections officer and Army National Guard veteran, organized an “American flag appreciation walk” to rally the community together and show their support for the flag, military, law enforcement, and the country. Between the rally and a voluntary funding, they managed to get the flag painted on the wall. Now, you say, it’s a done deal, right? Not so. But now, the America-haters who opposed the mural have struck back and vandalized the painting. Apparently the paint was hurled, in the open can, at the painting and then ran down the wall. Not a pretty sight. “I’m saddened and disappointed,” said Garcia. “It’s one thing to disagree with something but it shouldn’t mean that…you must destroy it. I feel bad for the artist who has put so much time and effort into this painting.” Think about what is being taught to your children.

The headline reads, “New York Times Observes Sharia Blasphemy Laws”…is that something that you might expect to see in an American newspaper? I think not…but because the lefty-loonies control most of the mainstream media, it’s not just possible, it IS! The writer of the op-ed piece is a Pakistani novelist, and so it is perhaps understandable that he may wish to observe Islamic blasphemy laws, but why is the New York Times, which is supposedly a journalistic outlet in a nation that upholds the freedom of speech, validating his doing so? A person might see this, as I do, as being a caving-in to justify and remedy the failing newspaper business. It is, if you can believe it, a huge thing made for a woman drinking water. Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman charged with blasphemy and held in prison for years, and whose recent acquittal touched off nationwide riots in Pakistan: “There are many versions of what led to the charges against her, but all revolve around a verbal altercation with Muslim neighbors in Punjab, an eastern province, about drinking water from the same vessel. Some Muslims won’t share utensils with non-Muslims, a belief that has more to do with (Hindu) casteism than (Islamic) scripture.” The writer goes on to say “In the United States we don’t have blasphemy laws — at least not yet.” If that’s not clear enough for you, then nothing will ever be.

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Here’s another example of what’s called “stealth jihad”. The hundreds of millions of foreign dollars, including from the Saudi royal family, poured into Georgetown University and its prestigious diplomatic training program in the shadow of the State Department has come under scrutiny. In an investigation, it was cited that Education Department data showed Georgetown had received $400 million in gifts and contracts from foreign governments and individuals since 2011. The vast majority were contracts requiring Georgetown to do something in return for the money, rather than gifts, the investigation pointed out. A politically active Muslim studies program within Georgetown that trains future diplomats and interacts with the Washington political scene was funded by the Saudi royal family. The CMCU(Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding) director is prominent Islam scholar John Esposito, who leads CMCU’s Bridge Initiative, described as a “research project” that highlights “the problem of Islamophobia.” Esposito has called Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who advocates jihad-martyrdom suicide bombings and has praised Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, a champion of a “reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights.” Former Republican Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia asked Georgetown in 2008 if it had ever written any reports critical of Saudi Arabia since receiving the funds. Georgetown did not answer the question…and what does that tell you?

Parting shot: America, you’d better wake up, and really soon!