Out with Baldwin and in with this?

April 2, 2017 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: News With Views

Unashamed Anti-Zionism And Demagoguery Of Pastor Chuck Baldwin

It is rare in these days to see such unashamed anti-Zionism displayed loud and proud by a seemingly conservative author, whose language and arguments are, however, more appropriate to the vile socialist left. Mr. Baldwin resorts to demagoguery by mixing together both valid and very invalid issues, i.e., anti-Zionism rants. [Link]

It is surely a valid observation that the spread of homosexuality in America is not confronted enough by our spiritual leaders, and worse, some priests and rabbis pander to and fear the homosexual Mafia more than God.

Yet, it is wrong and ugly to speak about Zionism as though something reprehensible.(*) It is wrong to blame renowned pastors such as John Hagee for their friendliness to the State of Israel and for being a Christian Zionist. In fact, every consistent Christian must be a Christian Zionist as I will explain. And, it is particularly ugly to blame the President-elect Donald J. Trump, for his promises to honor the rights of Israel for her land and capital, while the entire world, pandering to the left and Islam, have turned hatred against the Jewish Homeland.

It is both base and ugly to sarcastically characterize the year 2017 and Trump’s presidency as though it represents “The Year of the Zionists.” Your language, Pastor Baldwin, is no different than that of the Soviet Politburo. What a badge of honor you wear!

Let me clarify some of the basics of Zionism for you, Pastor Baldwin.

1) In a secular sense, Zionism is merely a case of the general formula that “Nation X belongs to people X” just as France belongs to the French, Britain belongs to the Brits, Germany to Germans, Spain to Spaniards, Greece to the Greeks, and yes, Israel to the Jews! Zionism is no different than Frenchism, Germanism, etc., except that the Jews ownership of their land began 3,000 years ago, before France, Britain, and Germany even existed.

2) The restoration of Israel on her ancient land is an act of immense significance in terms of both social and spiritual justice. Since ancient times, Israel has been a victim of colonialism and oppression. Therefore, as a social issue, Zionism is the most justified case of a national liberation movement, one which delivered the Jewish people, victims of extreme oppression and genocide for centuries, to their national liberation and the restoration of their nationhood.

3) As a spiritual issue, Zionism is a realization of God’s plan, an act of the highest spiritual value for Jews and consistent Christians. Yet, Israel is the only nation refused basic justice by the rest of the world, the world which was ready to sacrifice Israel for whatever minute reason, or for no reason at all. Any expectations of justice for Israel from this world are futile (Eric Hoffer).

To be a Zionist is a badge of honor. That is Zionism. To be an anti-Zionist is a mark of baseness.

4) Pastor Baldwin, you are saying that contemporary Israel is not exactly like the model promised by God…fair enough. However, who else is such a model? Whose existence, security, and national interests are questioned and conditioned by other foreign nations? Here is a quote for you. Remember Europe in the 1930s?


Ask yourself this:

• Is it possible for the whole world to be against Jews? Yes.
• Is it possible that the whole world can be wrong? Yes.

• What was the motivating factor then? Antisemitism.
• What is the motivating factor today? Antisemitism.

• Then the world opposed the existence of one Jew.
• Today the world opposes the existence of one Jewish state.

Back then, the world opposed the existence of one Jew. Today, the world opposes the existence of one Jewish State. And yet you are concerned with 2017 being “The Year of the Zionists” for America.

5) America was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation, not anything else. It is a spiritual obligation of America to take the side of Christians and Jews in world affairs. And, it is in America’s national interests to support Israel, the only free nation in the Middle East, and America’s strongest ally in the region.

As Eric Hoffer wrote in 1968 “Israel is our only reliable and unconditional alley. We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us.” [Link] These bitter words are even more true now. And you, Pastor Baldwin, are displeased already about future actions of President Donald J. Trump towards making America a more reliable and honest ally of Israel! Shame on you and your ministry!

(*) It is very puzzling and illogical of the hatred to Israel by Western nations and some of their so-called conservatives. Their actions and reasoning exactly replicate the Soviet Politburo.

Soviets hated Israel for too many reasons. First of all, because she allied with America and the West rather than with the Soviets, and because the Soviets hated the very possibility that some small fraction of their population may even contemplate the idea of leaving the USSR for good, or even to be somehow associated with Jewry in the external world. This is the exact reason that Soviets made Zionism a curse word, and a reason for persecution in the USSR! Even learning Hebrew could trigger criminal prosecution back then.

Indeed, the KGB created the PLO, Arafat and the so-called “Palestinian people,” (trained in various Soviet military camps, including one near Odessa, the city where I lived.) And, indeed, it was Soviets who promoted the UN resolution equating Zionism and Fascism (a gross cynicism in itself). But that was the USSR.

To imagine that anyone in the West would follow the same propaganda line is unthinkable! It is as if the West borrowed the Soviet talking points for bashing the allies of the West such as South Vietnam, South Korea, or West Germany! And yet, the West, and some of western conservatives, did borrow the Soviet talk points to bash Israel. That is a grotesque reality these days.