Palestinian Teenager Ahed Tamimi Stands Up to Israel’s Military Kangaroo Court

April 25, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

After her cousin was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier, Palestinian Ahed Tamimi made the “slap heard around the world” upon a heavily armed IDF soldier. She was arrested in a night raid, as is the usual IDF modus operandi.

This 2 minute video, “The Interrogation of Ahed Tamimi, 26 December, 2017 at Shaar Binyaminpolice station” needs to be seen and passed on to educate others about the brutal Israeli practices used against Palestinian youth. Two other documentaries highlight the ongoing brutality of the Israeli occupation: “Israel’s Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Children” and “Major Media Espose of Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Children.” Also, a 5 minute report by CNN on3/18/2018 gives some background to Ahed’s story: “Palestinian teen jailed for slapping soldier.”