Pallets of Bricks Delivered to Numerous US Cities – Evidence of Pre-Riot Organization!

June 3, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Source:  needtoknow

Rioters grabbing bricks. Youtube
In cities around the US, pallets of bricks have been delivered to riot locations. There is no construction in these areas, so it is logical to conclude that they are being provided for the convenience of rioters to break windows. An order for one pallet of bricks in Texas shows the name of the customer as “public works’. In Washington DC, US Park Police found “baseball bats & metal poles hidden along the street” near the White House on Tuesday evening. In Baltimore, bottles with flammable liquid to start fires were discovered in small hiding places. It is further proof of a well funded and professionally organized operation. These are not mere “protesters”.

These protests are organized – bricks are being delivered uninhibited to riot sites.

In cities around the US bricks are being delivered to riot locations and used to destroy property.

In Boston and Houston bricks are being delivered.

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