Paul Volcker: Trilateral Commission Insider Dead At 92

December 11, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Trilateral Commission Members Pete Peterson, Paul Volker, David Rockefeller and Alan Greenspan – Photo: Brian Stanton
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Paul Volcker was a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, along with Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Jimmy Carter and many more.

It was fellow Trilateral Jimmy Carter who appointed Volcker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1979. President Ronald Reagan renominated Volcker in 1983. The Fed chairmanship was then handed to Trilateral Commissioner Alan Greenspan in 1987, who lasted until 2006.

Trilateral domination of the Federal Reserve spanned two Democrat administrations (Commissioners Carter and Clinton) and three Republican (Reagan, Commissioner George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

As seasoned Technocrats, both Volcker and Greenspan were ‘monetary technicians’ with dictatorial power over all monetary and economic matters in the United States.

Greenspan and Kissinger are still alive in their mid-nineties, but they will likely join Volcker in the grave soon enough.

In 2007, I wrote The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty and I would commend it to you to read now because it gives a concise history of the Commission’s New International Economic Order, which we now know is Technocracy (aka Sustainable Development, Green Economy, etc.).

For those who have any lingering respect for the Constitution, Free Enterprise and the American dream, it is impossible to wish ‘Rest In Peace‘ to Volcker or any of his other Trilateral cronies who have recently preceded him: David Rockefeller (2017), Zbigniew Brzezinski (2017), Peter G. Peterson (2018), Richard Gardner (2019), George H.W. Bush (2018), Jeffrey Epstein (2019), etc.

Collectively, they have left the world in a shambles of their own doing from which there is no return. Income and wealth inequality is at an all-time high, Sustainable Development (aka, Technocracy) is now woven into the fabric of the global economy and the global monetary system is on life support.

New International Economic Order, indeed.