Police state government to start surveilling your poop in real time for illicit drug use… RFID tag readers in toilets will upload urine composition to the feds

May 23, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Natural News
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Friday, May 22, 2015


(NaturalNews) The runaway surveillance state in America has just taken a leap into the gutter. Or the sewer, actually, where government goons running their fraudulent “war on drugs” have begun to monitor raw sewage for traces of illicit drug use.

The American Chemical Society reports this as GOOD news, saying:

The war on drugs could get a boost with a new method that analyzes sewage to track levels of illicit drug use in local communities in real time. The new study, a first-of-its-kind in the U.S., was published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology and could help law enforcement identify new drug hot spots and monitor whether anti-drug measures are working.

Sure. Because at a time when there’s a race war in America, the nation is headed for financial chaos, North Korea is threatening to nuke Washington D.C. and the world’s most evil Monsanto operative — Hillary Clinton — is threatening to occupy the White House, what America really needs right now is police slogging through s%#t to “crack down” on recreational drug users, half of whom probably work for the government in the first place.

As part of this so-called “sewage epidemiology” pilot program, scientists reportedly monitored sewage in Albany, New York. “[T]he scientists found cocaine in 93 percent of all untreated samples,” reports the ACS, seemingly astonished at this high number.

Fortunately, free thinkers immediately realized the truth behind all this:

“The thought of authorities slogging through the sludge may be comical, but it represents another example of big brother using our money to monitor our behavior,” writes Justin Gardner at the Free Thought Project. “Drug consumption is a non-violent act upon oneself. The drug trade is made violent in a black market under government prohibition.”

Gardner goes on to describe the real reason behind the failed war on drugs:

What is the rationale behind attempts at drug eradication and criminalization? It provides a means for government to assert power; it enriches the prison industry and the jackboot industry and politicians. Take these away and there is no logic to the war on drugs.

If you drink city water, you are now a drug user

Even more comically, the research conducted so far has found that illicit drugs are recycled back into drinking water, then consumed by everyone else in the same city.

As the ACS reports: “They found that the wastewater treatment plants didn’t remove all illicit drugs before releasing water back into the environment — and eventually into drinking water.”

Anyone drinking tap water is, therefore, consuming class-A felony controlled substances which can then be detected in their bodies in parts per billion concentrations. This is how the police state can arrest and imprison absolutely anyone by claiming they’re a drug user since there’s cocaine in their blood and it’s all over their twenty dollar bills, too!

There probably isn’t a single person living in America today who doesn’t have traces of cocaine on their person or in their blood. Notably, federal laws on cocaine possession make no exceptions for “inadvertent possession” or possession of trace amounts. Even one molecule of cocaine qualifies you to be charged with felony possession.

Coming soon: A government monitor on every RFID-equipped toilet

Big Government control freaks are fanatics about total surveillance of all “subjects” who must kow-tow to the whims of the police state. While Washington D.C. is full of high-level government operatives with their noses buried in coke, you almost never see government monitoring its own employees for illicit drug use.

Nope, government selectively presumes the criminality of the civilian masses and then deploys all varieties of surveillance tools to ensnare those people for engaging in the very same behaviors Presidents and their minions routinely pull off in the White House.

If this rise of police state surveillance continues, it won’t be long before there’s a microchip on every toilet that encodes your social security number with your stool chemical analysis and reports it back to the government in real time. The toilet will read the RFID that’s embedded in your skin, as required by federal mandatory vaccine laws, of course. The only way to block the RFID and “pee in peace” will be to wrap the part of your body containing the RFID with a metal foil. Hilariously, this might mean that wearing a tin foil hat — the default derogatory description of conspiracy theorists — would physically protect your identity while sitting on the throne and taking a Schumer.

Every flush is a drug test; every toilet is your narc

It’s not just illicit drugs they might find in your sewage, either. Government-installed sensors can also check your stools for horrible, dangerous things the government doesn’t want you to consume such as vitamin C, colloidal silver or medicinal herbs. Should you dare to consumer any of these “unapproved” substances, your toilet will tattle on you to the feds, and they’ll bring a squad of armed goons to your doorstep to throw flashbang grenades at your infants and have your children kidnapped by CPS.

Simultaneously, your compliance with state-ordered medications will also be monitored, and if you miss a day or two of your state-mandated prescription drugs, you’ll be forcefully diagnosed with Obedience Defiance Disorder which gives the government the authority to lock you up in a mental institution and medicate you against your will. After all, if you don’t take all the drugs you’ve been prescribed, how is Big Pharma supposed to stay in business and boost the national GDP?

Before long, our Brave New World will feature every obedient citizen microchipped with an RFID tag that’s read in real time by the government-issued toilet they’re using, which is of course limited to a total water volume of 2 oz. — the new “California drought standard” — requiring twenty-five rapid flushes to get anything to go down. While you’re trying to flush your stools with these California-class “micro flushes,” the toilet, equipped with government sensors, will be testing the chemical composition of everything and uploading the substance test results to the department of Health and Human Surveillance (HHS) to be recorded alongside your identity chip tracking number. The government, in essence, will “log your logs” because that’s precisely the kind of activity Big Government does best: meddling in everybody’s s##t!

Suddenly all the obedient sheeple who put up with NSA surveillance of their phone calls and emails because they “have nothing to hide” will discover they really do have something to hide after all: chronic illicit drug use and medication abuse that the government can now track in real time and trace back to YOU.

Which brings up the all-important question of the day: Why do bears really s##t in the woods? Maybe because the government isn’t spying on them there.

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