Primary: Will Texans Vote to Clean Out Corrupt RINO’s in the Legislature?

February 19, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

February 19, 2024

Texas is known as the “Don’t Mess with Me” state.  Should be don’t mess with Texas’s big money political donors who make sure their lapdogs do what they’re told during our legislative sessions.

I was born and raised in California.  A state now completely destroyed by the communists in their state legislature, a lunatic governor (Newsom) and forcing tens of millions of Californians who can’t afford to send their precious child(ren) to a private school to subject their children to dirt and filth in indoctrination centers they call public schools.

My late husband was a retired U.S. Army Colonel.  Off I went from California to the once independent state of Colorado.  Like California and its magnificent coastal waters and mountain forests, Colorado has some of the most spectacular scenery one can imagine.  Sadly, that state (mostly the huge Denver metro area with its massive population) has also gone into the toilet run by liberals and progressives communists.  Also embracing all the poison of the ‘woke’ lunatics, you won’t find me traveling through that state again; no gas, hotel or food expenditures.

Our legislature only meets every other odd year for 140 days.  2023 was a disaster with three special sessions and they still didn’t get the job done.  An absurd 9,111 bills introduced in the last session.  The failed multi-million-dollar political hit job – impeaching our fearless state Attorney General Ken Paxton – hobbled together by a drunk, our Speaker of the House Dade Phelan – to not passing important legislation and completely ignoring important issues.  Behind the scenes, the rot and corruption here is just as bad as California, NY or Illinois.  We’ve got RINO’s growing like weeds in our legislature.

Fortunately, we have really great grassroots organizations all over the state who keep track of bills and votes.  Because the problem is still the same as 2006:  Uninformed, Disinterested, Brainwashed & Special Interest Voters, May 29, 2006 (Mine)

Let me quote the prolific writer of The Great Communitarian Hoax, The Voices of America’s Destruction, Masters of Seduction and Time Bomb, Jeri Lynn Ball:

“Americans are being trained by slow degrees to give up their individuality, independence and autonomy (their unique personal traits, their desires and personal ambitions, their intellectual capacity to direct their own lives). Since individuality is the basic, indispensable property of every living human being, the degree to which he strives to wipe out his own individuality (become selfless) is the degree to which he experiences feelings of helplessness and instability. Individuals who unwittingly embrace the Soviet slave philosophy, i.e. community values (or the Communist morality), including altruism (selflessness) and collectivism (loss of the individual in the collective mass), proceed to disintegrate both mentally and physically.

“They may manifest an array of symptoms ranging from anxiety and chronic depression to despair and suicidal feelings to alcoholism and drug abuse. A growing number of Americans now suffer from eating disorders, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders and schizophrenia.

“Soviet and American leaders have been achieving the ideological and psychological convergence of the United States and Communist Russia. America is becoming a replica of Russia: sick, brutal, deviant, vulgar and violent, yet slavish and submissive toward governmental authority. Virtually every major problem facing America today is the result of the Communists’ war against the mind and their attack on this country’s founding principles.

“Using the mixture of political indoctrination and the specter of ruthless mass terror, communitarian and mind-subverters have been overwhelmingly successful in their attempt to make selflessness a mass phenomenon and to produce profound feelings of instability, helplessness and worthlessness in many Americans.”

“The communitarian doctrine is a major component in destroying the minds of the American people. This evil concept is being pushed on major college campuses throughout this country. Is it any wonder that America’s young adults in the age range of 20-40 are promoting communism (liberalism, democracy) while they have no understanding of this beast?”

Special interest voters gave us this:  Pelosi & Her Brassiere Brigade, Jan. 8, 2007 (Mine) – “The swearing in of Nancy Pelosi was covered ad nauseum on all networks January 4, 2007. Her coronation as Speaker of the House was hailed as historic! A step for equality! The term equality meaning female instead of one’s complete knowledge of the history of this republic and founding documents. Her Highness has made the promise of bi-partisanship; hold on to your wallet and don’t enlist in any branch of the military any time soon.

“Make no mistake about it: Pelosi’s crowning will be one of the darkest days for freedom and liberty in this country and another gigantic step towards communism, fascism and further weaning the American people into total dependency on mother government.

“This last pretend election cycle, voters heard the same old recycled mantra from female incumbents and candidates. The Sisterhood of Sycophants relentless carping on “women’s issues” in furtherance of “empowering women,” “for the children,” and “building the community” (pure communism). What absolute bilge.

“The feminization of Congress has been destroying constitutional government for decades, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need.”  It’s now called the “women’s vote”.

Our legislature has really good reps and senators but we also have way too many RINO’s.  My state rep, Do Nothing Drew Darby has been warming a seat in Austin since 2007.  He only continues to win because of the voting bloc in San Angelo, TX and has the right friends with money.  Of course, Darby voted to impeach Ken Paxton.  I pray voters in his district vote his arse out in our March 5th primary.  His opponent, Stormy Bradley, is a great challenger and she gets my vote. 

Our U.S. House rep, Jodie Arrington also must go; House District 19.  Jodie who just loves seniors but has consistently refused to co-sponsor or support Thomas Massie’s bill to stop double taxing social security.  (Massie is a Republican from KY.)  Arrington supports screwing seniors (whatever political party) by double taxing their social security.  That bill has been reintroduced by Massie every two years, session after session and still Congress refuses to get it passed.  Arrington serves the big money interests in our district.  Our city, Big Spring, doesn’t even exist in his world.  He brags constantly about how much he does for our farmers and ranchers which is more BS.  Yeah, the big ones with lots of moola.

No one around here paying attention wants Arrington back in Congress.  Democrats aren’t even running a challenger for that race but there is one (out of three) GOP challenger we are praying beats Arrington March 5th:  Vance W. Boyd who gets my vote.  I spoke with him at length at our last GOP meeting.  And, yes, one of his commercials focuses on the fact Arrington wants seniors to keep getting screwed by double taxing their social security benefits.

Ted Cruz is running for his third term even though he’s a liar and a cheat.  No question Cruz is intelligent but that does not excuse what he did in 2013.  Big hay was made in 2013 when Ted Cruz announced he was giving up his dual citizenship with Canada so he could run for the U.S. Senate.  Ted Cruz was born in Dec. 1970 in Canada.  Only problem was, Canada did NOT recognize dual citizenship until years later:  Citizenship Act [February 15, 1977] “The Citizenship Act, effective February 15, 1977, replaced the 1947 Act with a more equitable statute. For example, British subjects no longer received special treatment and dual citizenship became recognized.”  At the time their chief immigration and citizenship director publicly stated Cruz is a Canadian citizen, period.  Ignored by the GOP here in Texas.

A full and detailed analysis can be found here and here.  Since Cruz gave up his Canadian (not American) citizenship, he is a citizen of what country?  And just as the GOP did to cover constitutionally ineligible Hussein Obama for fear of being called a racist, they also covered for Cruz.

The same rotten incumbents with big money supporting them continue to win primaries and then on to the election in Nov.  Hold your nose and vote or a Democrat will win!  That’s exactly how the game within a game is played and the people getting played are you and me.  Of course, we must also take into account who counts the votes and how they’re counted because that’s how Trump was cheated out of a second term.  Despite all the bellowing from the MSM (Main Scream Media) conspiracy theorists, Trump legally won the 2020 election.

A few states are done with their primary and caucus but South Carolina is coming up and then “super Tuesday”.  How many voters have actually looked at their incumbents voting record?  I know, all of this takes time but Americans continue to vote back in the same crooks, liars and thieves destroying their lives because they don’t do any research. They watch a boob tube commercial about how great the incumbent is and hit the button.  Texas has 38 U.S. House incumbents all up for reelection.  I only recognize three names but it’s all I can do to keep up with what my state rep and senator (Kevin Sparks who should be reelected) and what the Outlaw Congress is up to.

Three judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (all Republicans) need to be defeated and I mean soundly defeated but most voters know nothing about them and will just hit the button for incumbent.  Texans:  Primary out Michelle Slaughter, Sharon Keller and Barbara Hervey.

Our March 5th primary also has propositions on it that are very important.  How about your state ballot?  We’re fortunate to have an excellent resource:  Texas Scorecard.  Very important propositions for us in this primary.

Border Security
“Texas should create a Border Protection Unit, and deploy additional state law enforcement and military forces, to seal the border, to use physical force to prevent illegal entry and trafficking, and to deport illegal aliens to Mexico or to their nations of origin.”

Our governor, Greg Abbott, should have used the power and authority given to him by statute here in Texas to call up the State Militia (which is NOT the National Guard) to “repel an invasion” the day impostor president Biden was sworn into office.  No, instead he seems to want to keep relying other states to send their National Guard.  I’m done writing him on that issue.

Gold and Silver
“The Texas Legislature should establish authority within the Texas State Comptroller’s office to administer access to gold and silver through the Texas Bullion Depository for use as legal tender.”  Definitely a yes on that one.  Here’s the whole list, some of which I’ve covered column by column in the past which our legislature has done nothing but kick the can down the road.

Our county library puts out a ballot newspaper by the League of Women Voters who promote democracy which our Founding Fathers hated as a form of government.  This is an excellent analysis of the difference between a democracy and a republic which is our legal form of government:  Democracy or Republic,  Which is It?

Grassroots America We the People is an outstanding organization here in Texas.

Right now they’re warning Texans:  WARNING! “There is an active effort among ANTI-CONSERVATIVE groups (from the Left and the Right) to mobilize Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary!  Their only mission is to defeat conservative candidates.  For the March 5 Primary, we MUST turn out record numbers of Republicans who normally wait to vote in November against Democrats. 

“Your job is to call every person you know who is fixated on turning out in November “to keep Texas Red” and tell them that if we are to save Texas, we need the MOST conservative candidate winning on March 5th!   Tell them the Democrats are going to pollute the Republican Primary and we need Republicans to step up and vote!

“We need more conservatives voting in the March 2024 Primary if we are going to have the strongest closed border, limited gov’t, pro-family, pro-decency, anti-DC, anti-WOKE CONSERVATIVES on the ballot in November.”

Want to know more about the incumbent Texas House Republicans these candidates are challenging?  Click here.  When you do, you’ll go to their site and see all the hard work they’ve done, i.e.:

“There, you’ll see the Quick Summary, which tells you how they voted on impeachment of our Republican Attorney General. It shows you how much money they took from their top five donors in 2022. And it shows you more…

“For the 2022 election cycle, the average total amount given by the top five donors to a Texas House Republican was $267,625. But for Texas House Democrats, it was only $65,343 – which is four times less. Shouldn’t it be harder and more expensive in a red state like Texas to get Democrats elected than Republicans?

“We also show you how often they side with lobbying groups. Not all bills are bad; some agreement is understandable. But when a legislator says that they “stand up” to lobbyists yet agrees with those lobbyists 75% of the time or more, they’re not really standing up at all. When we look at over 80 lobbying groups, Republicans range from 39% agreement (Steve Toth) to nearly 86% agreement (Steve Allison). How does your legislator do?”

Good question.  Vet the incumbents and candidates in your primary and spread the word to family and friends.  If you have a CEO destroying your company/corporation (think Disney), do you keep hiring him/her or fire them?  If a football coach has a season record two years in a row of say 11-1 or 12-2 losses, do you keep the guy on as head coach?  So why continue hiring the same incumbents who have sold out YOU, your family, our state or if they’re in Congress?

I have been registered no party since 1996, but I belong to our county GOP Club.  I pay my $15.00 a year dues.  I keep everyone up to date on legislative issues, court cases.  We have invited guest speakers.  Grassroots are critical – just ask Democrats.  Besides serious business, you meet new people, maybe make new friends and maybe become a state delegate to your GOP convention.  Even if someone has mobility problems, there’s always a member who can drop by, pick up that person for the meeting and then take them home.  Never leave a patriot behind.

Of the People, by the People, for the People and we must never forget that.  Our destiny lies in our hands.  Our children, grandchildren and future generations depend on US.  Our fight is noble and we are going to win back our republic but it’s going to take informed voters showing up to vote and if there’s a problem with the count, the candidate files the paperwork to stop certification of the vote until a forensic analysis can be done.  There is a massive effort to return to paper ballots hand counted in front of the public but we’re not there yet.

Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t want clean elections in Florida and despite all the drooling Sean Hannity does about how great Florida handles their elections, he either is ignorant of the massive problem there or keeps his mouth shut on purpose.  From the great Kat Stansell who lives there and has been in the trenches a long time:

Florida, You Have A Big Problem, Feb. 17, 2024 – “We aleady know that massive irregularities in voter rolls have been proven and, thanks to ordinary citizens, are being rectified. A number of the Supervisors of Elections were not happy about this.

“Since seeking the truth is only against the law in totalitarian societies, Floridians have a problem. It seems like the bright red veneer of that once “good red state” is peeling away, and what’s underneath is looking less like America and more like a totalitarian society.”

Why Tolerate Probable Election Fraud? – VERY important read by Kat.  Do read it.

On May 15, 2008, I stood at the homestead of Nathan Hale outside of Mansfield, Connecticut.  It was an emotional visit.  Young Master Hale said as the British were about to hang him:  “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”  He was 21 years old.  The men who fought on the battlefield in the Revolutionary War – dead of winter, snow on the ground, some had shoes, some wore rags because they had no shoes.  Food was what they could kill along the way or eggs given by patriots in the cover of night so they wouldn’t be hanged by the British.

They sure as hell weren’t making excuses not to fight for our new country nor were they “too busy”.  The freedoms and liberties you and I and our children and grandchildren enjoy cost rivers of blood running on the battlefield.  Young kids like Nathan Nale.  Are we any less in courage?  Freedom comes at a high price and requires eternal vigilance and attention.

As I’ve written before, there are really hard-working grassroots organizations in every state of the Union.  It’s not difficult to find them.  Either search on line or contact your local GOP County chairman/woman.  Please do get out and vote in the primaries and throw out the rotten and corrupt or vote in Nov. holding your nose and a R.I.P. sign for America.