Prominent Illegal Alien Invader Activists Apprehended By ICE For Deportation – Protests Ensue

January 21, 2018 in News by Ken

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How many times have you been watching the news and see a report regarding some protest of illegal alien invaders?  It’s been pretty consistent now with the Trump administration and the DACA amnesty voided.  Like many others, do you wonder why Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) doesn’t round them up for violating the law and deportation?  Well, it appears that may be about to change.  The Daily Callerreported that ICE detained two prominent illegal alien invader activists for deportation.

Immigration authorities have detained in recent weeks two prominent activists who are themselves illegal immigrants, demonstrating the Trump administration’s commitment to expand the pool of deportable aliens.

The arrested men have openly lived in the U.S. for years and have until recently enjoyed a de facto immunity from deportation, thanks to their status as high-profile immigrants’ rights activists. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have denied the arrests are politically motivated, but they clearly show that immigration agents are now emboldened to arrest even the most connected of illegal immigrants.

Both men are leaders of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, a network of religious and social organizations that works to prevent the detention and deportation of illegal immigrants. ICE officers first detained Jean Montrevil, a Haitian national who had lived in the U.S. since 1986 despite having served a prison term for drug possession that resulted in a deportation order.

First, illegal alien invaders who break additional laws, who are found guilty after receiving due process, and serve their term should be immediately deported without appeal.  Second, the federal government should not be giving “special treatment” to illegal alien invaders who are considered “high-profile” individuals – it’s called equality under the law.  Third, illegal alien invaders who protest to demand impunity should be detained on the spot, not because they are engaged in political activity, but because they violated US immigration law that requires they be detained.  Fourth, any organization, religious or secular, as well as any individual, assisting these illegal alien invaders, who are criminals, should be subjected to the immigration law addressing assistance to these types of criminals.

This republic is a republic respectful of the rule of law and maintained upon the rule of law;  it is past time to enforce all our laws duly passed under the authority given by the Constitution to the federal government.

Of course, Montrevil’s arrest and detainment set off a firestorm of protests.  Montrevil, co-founder of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, returned to Haiti courtesy of ICE on Tuesday, despite those public protests.  Protestors “accused ICE of breaking an ‘understanding’ that Montrevil would not be arrested while he appealed his order of removal.”

This man should not have an appeal after committing an additional crime resulting in jail time.  No understanding should have been given Montevil on arrest and detainment – deportation should have occurred on the day he set foot outside the prison wire.

The week prior to Montrevil’s arrest, ICE arrested and detained another employee of New Sanctuary, Executive Director Ravidath Ragbir.

The Daily Caller explained:

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