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January 4, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By Jeffery Dover

January 4, 2023

Many events in the life of the USA, major events, seem to be isolated.  That is, isolated in that they are the result of one particular cause which ends there.  But are they?  Could they all be related?

First, a note about “conspiracy”.  We’re all familiar with the pejorative “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist”, which holds that people who consider or abide with such beliefs are somehow defective in their reasoning or other mentality.

Very much to the contrary, the history of the world in the halls of great power, is literally written in “conspiracy”.  So, whether the assassination of Julius Caesar, Mary Queen of Scots and her plots, Lincoln’s assassination, plots against Hitler, Hitler’s plots against others, Sergei Kirov or JFK/RFK, MLK or so many in between and as far back as history goes, it’s difficult to count them.  When there’s reason by way of evidence to believe that official explanations don’t measure up, it’s absolutely correct and sensible to suspect a conspiracy.  “Conspiracy” is endemic to power.

We’ve been hearing talk of a “Great Reset” in recent months.  What is it?  Generally speaking, it’s an agenda to create a world of fascist states.  The idea is to begin with the large, powerful developed nations – USA, EU and etc. – linking their governments with monolithic, monopolistic businesses.  It also means a totalitarian government.  Distinguished scholar, Michael Rechtenwald begins his excellent article describing the “reset” with this: “Is the Great Reset a conspiracy theory imagining a vast left-wing plot to establish a totalitarian one-world government? No. Despite the fact that some people may have spun conspiracy theories based on it—with some reason,(my italics) as we will see—the Great Reset is real.” (https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/what-is-the-great-reset/)

He seems to be a bit smug, however, about “conspiracy” when he claims that it isn’t about a one-world government and that there’s only “some reason”, perhaps, to suspect a conspiracy.  When one reads what Schwab plans, it’s difficult to imagine that it could work unless under a single governing body or perhaps two or three of them.  Perhaps Rechtenwald’s reticence in that regard is a nod to other “intellectuals” who must peremptorily deny “conspiracy” else forfeit tenure or chances of obtaining it in their strictly parochial  ivory towers.

Though recently coined as “the Great Reset” in World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, Rechtenwald says the idea really goes back to 1971 with a book Schwab published then.  Schwab’s ideas are based on what he sees as the failure of the capitalist system.

As for “conspiracy”, whereas most Americans would certainly reject Schwab’s ideas, we seem definitely headed in the direction of those ideas.  How can that be, when government of the people, by the people and for the people brooks the peoples’ policy wishes?  It then becomes clear that our government is no longer accountable to the people.  Agencies with their own, unstated agendas use the powers given to them to affect the election of the president, members of congress and perhaps governors as well.  They do these things unhindered by courts or congress, merely subjected occasionally to congressional “investigations” or “inquiries”. Huge industries are linked to the military.  Big Pharma is heavily linked to the FDA and HHS, the agencies themselves populated with employees who hail from those big businesses.  There’s no large, American industry which is not heavily involved with some federal agency or other.  Such a setup is definitely fascist, especially when that linkage is used to keep would-be competitors out of the business.  As noted previously, fascism is a Great Reset goal.

Subpoenaed by members of US congress – the peoples’ representatives – the agencies stonewall, redact, classify or simply fail to comply with the subpoena.  That behavior has been observed in the federal government as well as in at least one state, Arizona, when the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ignored a subpoena by the Arizona senate to hand over all the voting machines for a forensic audit following the 2020 election.  Months later, given plenty of time to “remedy” any fault in the machines, they eventually complied.  As of this writing, challenges to the 2022 election in Arizona have been thrown out for both filing too early and filing too late – obvious judicial activism designed to make any challenge to elections next to impossible.[1] Note to the people: do not question us or our actions.

These are the hallmarks of an increasingly authoritarian government unaccountable to the electorate.  Authoritarian government is a Great Reset goal.

But what about “conspiracy”?  What about the “Reset”?  President Trump was all about “Make America Great Again”.  He was about “America First”.  Neither is the stuff of globalism, socialism, monopolies or any sense of ceding American sovereignty to an international body.  Prior to defeating the other fifteen hopefuls in the 2016 primary, the (Establishment) RNC tried several times to get him to quit the campaign.  Later we learned that the FBI was involved in actively trying to destroy his campaign or to at least boost the Clinton campaign.  Failed presidential candidate, Republican senator John McCain was the courier for the “pee pee dossier”, a total fabrication designed to damage the president’s campaign.  Then there was “Russian Collusion”, which also proved to be false.  Who dreamed that up?  The CIA?  What else do they do?  We knew decades ago that they are very much involved with the mainstream media.  (See the documentary “The Man No One Knew”, a biography of former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby.  In it you can see him as much as admitting their press linkage to the Church Committee investigating the CIA) Do these events not smell of “conspiracy”?  It was certainly not “coincidence”. It was certainly not “one person acting alone”.  There was a powerful force using its powers to deny American voters.

We know the rest of what the president and the nation endured with impeachment and non-stop assaults on the president in the US and international press.  The GOP lost the majority in 2018, but then, what did it really matter, except that now the field was clear to impeach the president on false charges?  When they had the majority, the GOP refused to fund a border wall, sealing our southern border.  Neither would they repeal Obamacare, though pretty much all of them had campaigned on seeing that done.  All they did was spend and spend some more.  Ultimately, they ousted the president in 2020.  Voter fraud, evidence of which no court would examine, is certainly the result of “conspiracy”.  The repetitive refusal of judges to hear or examine such evidence further leads to such a conclusion.  Technical Schmecknical: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…  Any way one looks at it, one thing is obvious: A powerful anti-globalist, anti-socialist, anti-reset figure was deposed as a result.  More than two years later they are still trying to destroy him.  It fits in nicely with the goals of the Great Reset.  Leaders with Trump’s vision are anathema to Great Reset goals…wherever such leaders may be found.

But what about long before Trump?  What about 9/11?  Did 9/11 help with reset goals?  Seems to be so.  As a result, the unpatriotic “Patriot Act” was enacted, giving great new powers to the feds.  The Department of Homeland Security was also formed, with its TSA who make air travel a nightmare for those without their own jet.  Mediocre minds in uniform yell at, insult, shuffle and herd innocent American citizens by the millions.  For their part, citizens are afraid to make any comment of such behavior lest they be hauled in for more “scrutiny”, possibly missing their flight or worse, being arrested.  Yet just as the Catholic Church centuries ago would absolve you of all your sins with the purchase of one of their “indulgences”, American citizens can be absolved of any possibility of ever becoming an airline terrorist by paying the feds $100 or so annually.  In view of that, the value of all those little Hitlers in uniform is, what?  But then the Dept. of Transportation is telling the airlines how many seats that they must have on their planes, caring not at all for the comfort of passengers.  Inching closer to totalitarian government, away from free enterprise, in the name of “climate change”.  Another Reset goal.

These outcomes were minor in comparison to the 20 years of war in the Middle East.  It was war, sold to Americans as “The War On Terror”, where no vital US national interests were threatened.  There were no WMD’s discovered.  There was no winning.  These are features held in common with the nearly 20 years of warring in Vietnam.  Millions were killed, innocents and combatants.  The landscapes of the nations involved laid waste, spurring mass migrations to the EU.  Billions of dollars went to defense industry coffers.

The EU, already very socialistic, its member nations already having ceded much of their sovereignty to Brussels bureaucrats, saw an influx of another culture entirely.  It weakened and continues to weaken the indigenous cultures, making governance more and more difficult.  The United States has such a situation here as well, though war was only partially required.  Following the Vietnam conflict, there were thousands of immigrants from there as well as Laos and Cambodia.  With both parties in tacit agreement to keep our southern border open (c’mon…if they truly wanted it secure, it would have happened decades ago!) indigent, criminal and many other thousands of illegals have done the same thing to the US cultural scene as has happened in the EU.

With 9/11, reset goals of population reduction, increased government power over people, concentration of money in large businesses and the elites who own them, and social unrest which will eventually lead to even more government control, were achieved.  In the process, those chosen by the governments were made even wealthier. [2]

Where was the conspiracy?  9/11 was the conspiracy!  It’s not possible, unless by sheer will alone, to continue to believe that the towers fell because of the planes.  Neither is it possible to believe that a jetliner, with transponder turned off, could penetrate Washington, DC airspace unchallenged. There are too many film documentaries with so many credible, named and on-the-record professionals of every stripe, as well as first responders, who totally debunk the official explanation. [3], [4]

Interestingly, globalist ally John Brennan was CIA Chief of Station in Saudi Arabia at the time.  Robert Mueller of recent fame was Director of the FBI.  Were the jihadis recruited by CIA?  Did the CIA find out about the plot, allow it to happen and then seed the buildings to make it so much more than it would ever have been?  According to witnesses, it was a drone which hit the pentagon, not a jetliner in United Airlines livery.  The witnesses stated that it struck away from the “official” site of destruction.  Survivors said the destruction we all saw outside was from a bomb exploding inside, not from without.  No suitcases, seats or evidence of jetliner engine nacelles were found at the scene.  But there’s so much more…

The point is that everything which devolved from that day served and continues to serve Great Reset goals.  Mere coincidence?

Now there’s Ukraine.  War against Ukraine is being perpetrated by Putin!  No…that’s what the mainstream media and DC politicians want you to think.  The truth is that Russia is waging the war.  Its president is Vladimir Putin, but he is answerable to a Duma of 450 members and a senate of 169 members.  They have the power to unseat him.  However, their president, Putin, looks to be Russia’s Trump.  Putin is “MRGA” and “Russia First”.  He is no globalist and has no plans to cede Russian sovereignty to any international authority.  Thus, Putin heading a major nuclear power, is getting the “Trump” treatment.  They vilify the man in any way they can think of, most of which are simply lies.  They criticize him for his relations with “oligarchs”.  Did they criticize Obama for his relations with “oligarchs” such as Gates, Soros, Bloomberg and others?  Are they somehow not “oligarchs”?  Ultimately, with the Establishment press unified in seeking the ouster of non-globalist Putin, they seek to make western involvement in his ouster acceptable to the public.

US Congress is also working hard on that anti-Russian stance.  In a recent visit which Establishment propaganda icon, CNN, termed “historic”, Ukraine’s president Zelensky, presented congress with a battle-scarred flag of Ukraine.  During the obviously staged presentation, Pelosi had an American flag on hand to give to Zelensky.

Members of congress ostensibly represent their voters.  However, their actions tell us that they are representing others.  Does anyone recall members of congress campaigning on money and arms for Ukraine?  More than $40 billion dollars gets us a flag, but not much else where American citizens are concerned.  Someone, however, is getting $40 billion worth.  Who?  And for what?

Ukraine is widely accused of being a center of money laundering activity.  There are also bio-weapons labs there.  Of course, fact checkers and Establishment-owned media like USA Today, have “investigated” and told readers it’s not true, that we have no bio labs in Ukraine.  However, one can search C-Span and watch/listen to Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland telling Senator Marco Rubio, under oath, that they do exist and that they are worried that Russia will get them.[5]  They say that research on dangerous pathogens is happening there, but only for “peaceful purposes”.  Like what?  And why would we pay for labs for “peaceful” research in Ukraine?  If so, why would anyone worry that Russia might get them?  It seems logical to assume therefore that the pathogens have been created, and that is what has made them dangerous, that they are indeed insidious weapons.  In that context, it makes sense that they would worry about someone else getting them – and exposing what they are.  May they be part of the Great Reset depopulation agenda?  Or are they merely the next contagion to enrich Big Pharma’s coffers while killing off a measure of the world’s population?  Bombs don’t spread.  Viruses, released, go everywhere.  Everyone becomes a target as we saw plainly with Covid.  The depopulation effect is then “global”.

Lastly for this article is Covid-19.  Recent documents obtained by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas presented here in NWV in a recent Devvy Kidd article, shows that EcoHealth Alliance caused development of the virus in Wuhan with the knowledge and assent of NIH/NIAID and others in US government.[6]

What is the point of developing viruses lethal to humans?  Apparently such work is in progress in Ukraine.  It certainly happened in Wuhan.  Can one then believe that “release” was “accidental”?  What is the point of such development if not to deploy the virus?  Does one just save such a pathogen for a “rainy day”?  And why the need for so many, as continuing research suggests?  Is it insurance as it were, against the original virus mutating into less lethal forms, such that they will always have new lethal strains to release?

In terms of Great Reset, Schwab himself said that the government shutdowns in response to the virus aided the Reset in ways they hadn’t imagined, by killing off so many small businesses.  What about all the deaths?  What about the phony “cures” with the government bureaus denying the effective low-cost cures while mandating the deadly, kidney-destroying Remdesivir/respirator regimen?  What about all the loved ones denied access to those “receiving care”?  Why all the funds to hospitals for covid death certification and additionally, for “positive” results of PCR tests?  Why all the orchestrated censorship around the truth of covid and everything related to its origins, deaths, and perhaps worst of all, the phony “vaccines” and all their continuing adverse effects?  ALL served Great Reset goals.

But don’t connect the dots.  Don’t look at those people behind the curtain…


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