Questions For Hillary Voters

October 14, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

By Je Suis Spike
Exclusive to RBN

When Bill Clinton ran for President, he touted Hillary as an implicit co-President, even suggesting that his 1992 election would be a “Twofer,” (which really appeals to Bill, I’m sure, in several ways). Why doesn’t Hillary now use Bill Clinton in her television ads? Isn’t that weird, what with Bill being “so popular” among Democrat voters?

If you liberals, like we (imperfect but) decent-sort, don’t like Donald Trumps’ stupid talk about grabbing women by the py, (which was probably only very appalling talk), why do you want to Hillary to bring into our country the sort of men who we see in Europe right now actually treating women badly by doing all kinds of things to women, notjust grabbing the py but raping the p***y? There’s a whole lot of rape in the future of American women if American men don’t step up and put a stop to unvetted immigrants coming from countries that actually practice true patriarchal, religion-dominated societal structures. Hint: The rapists will pass on the conservative women carrying guns and go straight to the liberal, unarmed and undefended women… AND girls.

And for you Republican Hillary voters a very special question: Would you be willing to wear a, “I’m a Republican and I voted for Hillary” pin one year after her inauguration if she wins? It’ll help us to know you when we see you.

Je Suis Spike

  • I do not believe Hillary will win, but, then, well, who’da thunk that all of those Republicans who demanded Donald Trump promise to support the eventual Republican nominee would now fail to support the eventual Republican nominee? Oh, yes, that’s right, none of us actually trusted the lying p***ies, (you know who you are), among the decent Republicans, that’s why Trump is the nominee. Trump is trusted by many people because he’s not been a lying, power-hungry politician who’s been careful to refrain from uttering words or ideas that those who seek power only for the sake of power take great care to avoid. In short, he’s human like us, not some practiced automaton that won’t do or say anything unless a focus group says it’s a good idea. Mr. Trump says what he thinks, and, if inartfully sometimes, he says thing he shouldn’t as he’s not polished and fully rehearsed in changing a subject, and I think it’s about time we have somebody with a national audience telling America what a disgrace the Clintons are. Isn’t it time?