Rand Paul’s Injuries From His ‘Socialist’ Neighbor May Be Worse Than First Thought

November 6, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: MRCtv | Ashley Rae Goldenberg

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul was allegedly assaulted by his neighbor on Friday, leaving him with injuries that could reportedly require “several months” to heal.

While the injuries Paul sustained were initially reported to be minor, the CNN now reports Paul is suffering from five broken ribs and lung contusions from the assault. Paul’s chief of staff, Doug Stafford, told the Washington Post that Paul’s recovery could take “several months.”

“This type of injury is caused by high velocity severe force. It is not clear exactly how soon he will return to work, as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around, including flying,” Stafford explained.

The Washington Post claims Paul’s injuries could put him at risk for “other significant medical problems, including internal bleeding, damage to other organs or pneumonia.”

Paul’s next-door-neighbor, Rene Albert Boucher, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault after the incident.

According to CNN, Kentucky police claim Boucher “admitted going onto Paul’s property and tackling him.” Kentucky State Troopers also say Boucher “intentionally assaulted” Paul.

While Paul is an ophthalmologist, Boucher is an anesthesiologist. A doctor at Interventional Pain Specialists location in Bowling Green claims it is possible Paul and Boucher worked together at some point.

Although Boucher has not admitted he attacked Paul because of his politics, people who know Boucher claim he has been open about his liberal politics.

Jeff Jones, a nurse at the Bowling Green Medical Center who knows Boucher, told the Washington Post Boucher is a “liberal.”  Former city commission member Jim Bullington described Boucher as a “socialist” and claimed the pair had “heated discussions” prior to the attack.

The Washington Post claims Boucher was released on Saturday and has a court appearance scheduled on Nov. 9.

On Sunday, Paul tweeted that he was thankful for the “overwhelming support” he has received in the wake of the attack:

Kelley and I appreciate the overwhelming support after Friday’s unfortunate event. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.