RenewAmerica columnist Dr. Paul Byrne requests help from pro-lifers

July 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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Dr. Byrne, Dr. Christine Zainer, and others are working to gather 10,000 letters to send to the Chicago-based Uniform Law Commission (ULC) to prevent making “brain death” easier to declare without explicit consent
By Paul A. Byrne, M.D.

June 19, 2023

Dear Friends of Life,

Medical and legal elites want the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) to change the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA) to make “brain death” easier to declare, explicitly without consent, including for the apnea test which removes the life-supporting ventilator and only risks harm.

Conscience opt-outs have been discussed but only if objection is made “prior” to initiation of the “brain death” exam protocol. Physician and healthcare provider opt-outs were not included. Conscience rights must include both patients and providers.

If you agree with the attached action letter prepared by Drs. Paul Byrne and Christine Zainer, please sign and return, if possible, before July 9, 2023, to Christine Zainer (NOT directly to the ULC):

    • Christine Zainer
    • P. O. Box 26635
    • Milwaukee, WI 53226

We will make copies and send the letters in a bundle to the ULC.

Please download the ULC action letter (PDF) here, and please forward it to others.

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