Results of Dallas County’s $1.1 Billion Bond Election Is Under Intense Scrutiny According to Court Documents

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Analysis of Election Results Spurs Allegations of Early Voting and Election Day Tabulation Errors, Illegalities and Potential Election Fraud


True Texas Elections, LLC  

DALLAS, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — According to election integrity group, True Texas Elections, LLC, while most U.S. families were celebrating Independence Day weekend with backyard barbecues, others were sifting through the ashes of a massive bond election whose outcome has been called into question. Dallas voters worry what lies beneath may be evidence of a crack in the foundation of civil liberty, and if their concerns prove true, then Texans will have to take a hard look at how future elections are run.

The center of focus is a $1.1 Billion bond election for the Dallas County Community College District – the largest community college district bond measure in Texas history and the fourth largest overall.  The election results were recently contested in a Dallas Court after eyewitnesses, official Dallas County central counting station watchers reported tabulation errors, illegalities and potential fraud, according to court documents.

Early findings from an ongoing investigation led to mounting concerns by election integrity advocacy groups.  The bond election was reported to have passed with 71.46% in favor.  Yet election contest court documents reveal that, “While the margin of victory appears large, when electronic vote tabulation manipulations, mistakes, errors or fraud occurs, the vote spread knows no bounds.”

The 18-page election contest, filed in Dallas County District Court in June, asserts that the enormity of electronic vote tabulation errors and illegalities makes it impossible to determine the bond election’s true outcome.  As such, a Dallas court is being asked to evaluate the evidence and declare the election void and order a new one.  According to court documents, Dallas County central counting station watchers and data analysts have reported a multitude of discrepancies and election security issues with the counting of electronic votes, illegalities, and potential election fraud.

The election contest states that statutorily required security and oversight of the electronic vote counting process was severely lacking.  According to eyewitness central counting station watcher reports, containers of early voting flash memory cards without security seals were left unattended overnight in a room without security personnel (a violation of the Texas Election Code and the Texas Secretary of State Advisory 2018-34).  Court documents reveal that neither the presiding judge or alternative judge were present for several hours during the electronic download of early voting data as mandated by Texas’ Election Code Section 127.005.

Most concerning in the contest are reports by witnesses, official watchers at Dallas County central counting station, that there was compelling evidence that a parallel central counting station may have been set up in another part of the building, where significant election tabulation events were potentially being conducted without mandated third-party observation by official central counting station watchers.

Further, during electronic vote counting, widespread use of wireless networks and computers, with wireless signals were observed and reported by official watchers in notarized affidavits which are included in the election contest petition. One official watcher asked a county election official why there were so many unlabeled grey ethernet cables running to the equipment, and a blue ethernet cable running between a wall drop and one of the tabulation system boxes on a rack. He replied, “I can’t really tell you. That’s why we rely on a contractor.”

Analysts have begun unraveling what seems to be a $1.1 Billion-dollar election gone wrong. Experts are sorting through a myriad of inconsistent election reports, computerized audit logs, conflicting tabulation numbers and sordid accounts of an environment rife with lawlessness, according to court documents. The detailed election contest contains over 4,000 pages of exhibits and evidence.

“The reported results for early voting and election day don’t add up – the math is way off,” said Dr. Laura Pressley, Ph.D., and founder of True Texas Elections, LLC (a watchdog group for honest and transparent elections). “Because of the electronic vote tabulation discrepancies and reported illegalities, the official results of the $1 billion Dallas bond election are in question.”

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