Major Library Association Conference Featured Training on “Community Resistance” to Drag Queen Events

July 22, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Activist Mommy


Our public libraries have been taken over by liberal ideologues and nowhere has this been more evident than at the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference held last month in Washington DC. The world’s largest library conference, attended by 21,460 people, featured over 100 workshops with the theme “equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

As you would expect, these workshops included topics such as Drag Queen Storytimes, LGBT issues, non-traditional families, minors’ “rights” to privacy, and gender confusion. According to The Federalist, “Politically charged talks and workshops like these formed at least one-third of the conference offerings.”

Of all the different themes and topics showcased at the conference, the most disturbing content was the instruction and training on how to handle community objections to perverted events and literature.

The instruction was specifically centered around how to push back against community concerns and opposition. Of course, the community foots the bill for these public libraries and these librarians’ salaries. Taxpayers also paid for many of the attendees to go to the conference itself! Taxpayers are not, apparently, entitled to an opinion as to what goes on at the public libraries with their tax dollars.

The Federalist reports:

The handout for a Friday workshop on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) tells participants “Leaders on DEI efforts can always expect pushback on those efforts… pushback happens because effective DEI efforts challenge the status quo, and it can feel threatening to many when we start to change ‘the way things always have been.’ Leaders on diversity, equity, and inclusion must expect and manage this pushback” (emphasis original).

In other words, there will be people who don’t want publicly funded places being used to host sexual deviants like drag queens, but they are just resisting change and it is the librarian’s job, as a “leader on DEI” to force this change regardless. Let that sink in. These are government employees, being instructed on how to control information and force ideology onto the public.

The Federalist continues:

Notice how this encourages librarians to resist feedback from patrons and taxpayers, placing public employees over American citizens and undermining classic American consensuses about public service and government’s proper subjection to the will of the people.

Naturally, the conference had a Drag Queen Storytime featuring a drag queen reading to the audience. This was used to draw attention to the ALA’s stance that these events have been “immensely popular” across the country and that, despite some controversy, these events somehow provide an invaluable experience for children and are directly related to “intellectual freedom.”

To assert that drag queens reading stories to young children is somehow of any value and that it represents intellectual freedom is absurd. This is an argument meant to belittle the masses who see Drag Queen Storytime events for what they really are: perverted indoctrination, child grooming, and abuse. Claiming that Drag Queen Storytimes represent intellectual freedom allows for the argument that any opposition to these events (and other sexually deviant literature or events) is an attempt of censorship which thus leads to cries of “fascism” from the left. Apparently, the ALA has decided to censor the literary concept of “irony” from their own ranks.

The Federalist report also states:

The ALA also provides librarians “crisis communication plans” to shield themselves from altering events or materials they provide with public resources that generate a public backlash, such as the drag queen story hours. A third librarian who hosted drag queen story hours, this time in a Philadelphia-area public library, told the audience the ALA helped him resist community objections to the events.

“Resist community objections.” That is incredibly disturbing seeing as how the community is footing the bill for all of this sexual debauchery and truth-denying.

On the other hand, this also means we are getting the attention of the ALA when we resist the rising trend of Drag Queen Story Hours!

We must continue to fight back against the public library system and the ALA. This is not just a couple of rogue libraries throughout the country taking a chance. This is an organized, concerted effort to dominate political and social standards within our communities. Now is the time to fight, and it is a fight we can win!



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