We must not stop at a partial victory …

  By Gregory Mertz | CitizenGO Sign our petition to Teen Vogue demanding they stop promoting sexual activity to children!  Teen Vogue.com decided it was in the best interest of children to publish a jaw-dropping article instructing teen and
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Concerns aired about Calif. sexual orientation bill

  Source: One News Now   Members of the California Assembly could vote at any time on a closely watched controversial bill known as AB 2943. AB 2943 declares that “advertising,
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California University Encourages 4-Year-Olds To Engage In Sex Play

  By FreedomProject  VIDEO:


  Source: Deep Roots At Home | By Jacqueline  What would you do if you were told that you could not be present for a ‘private’ meeting between your 12 to 17 year-old
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Explicit & NOT Debunked: Yes, This Lady IS Teaching School Kids Sex Ed with a Strap-on Dildo

The Daily Sheeple You were warned… This pictures above are making their lovely way around the Internet. Some articles have proclaimed them to be an example of Common Core sex
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Planned Parenthood suggests ‘pooping’ on partner for teen ‘sexual exploration’

Just because the folks at Planned Parenthood don’t really do mammograms with the tax dollars they get doesn’t mean they’re not experts in some things. Take, for example, the Planned Parenthood counselor
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