Revolution of Mass and Scale

May 21, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


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By Dr. Martin Erdmann


The following train of thought which I will present below and in another message will be a bit more challenging for some, I know. However, I think it will help you tremendously to understand the main concepts of the “revolution of mass and scale”. The latter is the main key to understand what is happening right now and will continue to evolve in fairly predictable ways unless God intervenes which He always can do in order to stop the process and perhaps even reverse it. However, He also might have a good reason for it to continue. Everything is in His hands serving an eternal purpose – God’s purpose; nothing happens by accident. 
Two days ago I was rereading the history of the Morgenthau Plan (MP). While it is heart-wrenching in some respects, it is also encouraging like hardly any other episode in modern history. In one of the secular history books, which I own, written by a former London Times correspondent stationed in the USA at the end of the Second World War it is succinctly stated what transpired when Harry Dexter White, the US-Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, wrote the Morgenthau Plan (Morgenthau was the Secretary of the Treasury at the time who was in full agreement with the plan and gladly lend his name to it). I can send you the few pages. I will copy the relevant passages below. 
The gist of the MP was to starve the entire German population to death after the end of the Second World War or basically to force all Germans to leave their country in order to survive. Among other directives the plan singled out the destruction of the heavy industry and flood the coal mines in the Ruhr Valley where the largest concentration of Germans lived (this was the main industry of Germany at the time because coal was used by the steel industry). Harry Dexter White was a Soviet spy, as it was known by the US government at the time when he wrote the MP. His idea was to provoke the ire and resistance of the disarmed German population, mostly women, children and old people (many of the men who had survived the war were confined in prisoner of war camps) against the US and British occupation forces who would rightly be perceived as mass murdering them and allow Stalin to take over all of Germany not just what became known as the German Democratic Republic (communist East Germany).
When the MP was put before Franklin D. Roosevelt he approved of it by putting his signature on the document and so did W. Churchill. Stalin was all in favor, of course. Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson were totally opposed to it. —– Eventually, Roosevelt, Churchill and some of the others had to abandon their plan of genocide. Harry Dexter White died mysteriously only days after he had to appear before a Congressional committee to defend himself against the charges of being a Soviet spy. The FBI had enough evidence against him.
Thus President Roosevelt (against the strong protests of his responsible Cabinet officers, the Secretaries of State and of War) and Mr. Churchill (in contradiction of many declarations) approved a peace of vengeance. Both men later spoke as if they had not understood what they did. Mr. Churchill said he “regretted” his signature, but never explained how he came to give it (Mr. James F. Byrnes mildly comments that this is “difficult to understand”). Mr. Roosevelt spoke as if he had inadvertently initialed an inter-office memorandum without looking at it. He said he had yielded to the importunities of “an old and valued friend” (Mr. Sherwood), and this indicates Mr. Morgenthau; he also said that he was “frankly staggered” and “had no idea how he could have initialed this; he had evidently done it without much thought” (Mr. Stimson).
Sadly, there is only a partial “happy end” to this story, but it is pretty clear that God intervened before the worst could be done. My parents as children and also their parents and grandparents who had arrived in Germany at the end of the war after having been forced to leave their homeland in Rumania and then fleeing for their lives as refugees would probably not have survived.
The public masses were left to infer that error had been realized in time and that “the Morgenthau Plan” was abandoned; the factories were not blown up and the mines were not flooded. This was soothing syrup, not truth. The spirit of the peace of vengeance, proposed in the White-Morgenthau plan, did prevail. Mr. Morgenthau did not succeed with his proposal (the one jocularly made by Mr. Roosevelt to Stalin at Yalta) that “archcriminals” should be put to death by the military without provision for any trial, but the trials which were held remain a blot on Western justice. The bisection of Germany (which in fact was the bisection of Europe, friend or foe) was more perilous to the future than any dismemberment of Germany into provinces. Above all, the West, by approving slave labour, put the civilizing process of nineteen centuries into reverse. (Significantly, eleven years after the war’s end the United States Government withheld its adherence to an international convention, proposed by the International Labour Organization, outlawing forced labour; it was obviously debarred from adhering by its signature to the Yalta agreements). Thus the ghost of “Harry Dexter White” still haunts the scene, for the shape which this Soviet agent and his associates gave to American government policy left the future of the West more troubled than it had ever been. When the war ended he was still rising in the esteem of American presidents, for he was appointed to preside over the second of the two great international planning conferences at which the future of the nation-states was to be submerged in that of an international directorate. The first was the organizing conference of the United Nations, where Mr. Alger Hiss occupied the directorial chair. The second was the monetary conference at Bretton Woods, which set up the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Mr. White was the organizer of that pilot conference and then was appointed American executive director of the International Monetary Fund. Thus the chief representative of the United States Government, at each of these preparatory meetings of the new international directorate, was a Soviet agent. Before Mr. White received this last appointment (publicly announced by Mr. Roosevelt’s successor, Mr. Harry Truman, on January 23, 1946), the F.B.I. had several times given warning at the White House about Mr. White’s secret activities, the last time in a special message to the President’s personal military aide on November 8, 1945, in which Mr. White was specifically named as a Soviet agent and spy. After the President’s public announcement of Mr. White’s new [386] appointment, the head of the F.B.I, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, sent a further strong warning (February 1, 1946), saying that White, if his appointment were confirmed, “would have the power to influence in a great degree deliberations on all international financial arrangements”. Despite this, Mr. White’s appointment was confirmed on May 1, 1946, (this history was made public by the Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Herbert Brownell junior, on November 17, 1953); Mr. Truman’s reply made no reference to the warning of November 1945 and stated that he allowed White’s appointment to stand after consideration of the warning of February 1946). In April 1947 (by which time the exposure of Mr. Hiss was drawing near) Mr. White resigned “for reasons of health”. In August of 1948, when the proof of his guilt was conclusive and was about to be made public, he was called before the Un-American Activities Committee of Congress and denied ever having been a member of the conspiracy. He was then privately confronted with some of the most damning evidence (now all on record) and three days later was found dead. No autopsy report is on record and the circumstances of his death remain as mysterious as his identity.
Harry Dexter White’s legacy is still with us in the form of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. They will emerge soon, especially the IMF, as the world central bank after the destruction of the industrial base of nearly all countries in the world will have been accomplished. In order to comprehend the purpose of a world central bank, the revolution of mass and scale needs to be understood.  — See the next message.