Robert F. Kennedy, Jr | Running on Truth | Episode 1 | “The Experiment”

June 30, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By Team Kennedy

Faced with a wall of censorship and propaganda, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has developed an unusual campaign strategy—telling Americans the truth. In Episode 1 of this series about his presidential campaign, Mr. Kennedy describes how God, nature, and his family’s legacy have inspired him to run for the highest office.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:
“We’re going to do a mass experiment, a new kind of mass experiment of what happens when you tell the people the truth.”

“My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my Presidency, will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country…to poison our children and our people with chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, to strip mine our assets, to hollow out the middle class, and keep us in a constant state of war.”