Roseanne Barr Brings The House Down At Mar-A-Lago – Says Trump Is America’s ‘Only Hope’

April 5, 2024 in News by RBN Staff




Roseanne Barr showed the world once again that she is still one of the greatest comediennes alive today on Wednesday night when she delivered a hilarious routine at a ritzy fundraiser for Kari Lake at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Barr Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that Barr, 71, really got the crowd going in support of Lake, who is currently locked in a tough battle for the Arizona Senate seat that is being vacated by Kyrsten Sinema.

“Kari, it’s time for a woman in the Senate. It’s time for a woman everywhere,” Barr told the crowd. “You know why? Because anything a man can do, a woman can get another man to do even better.”

Barr kicked off her set by laying out some of the things she’d do if she ever became president.

“First of all, I would institute an all female army. That’s what I do. Think about it,” she said.  “We might win some of these damn wars for a change, you know what I mean?”


“Everybody’s on their period at the exact same time. Chugging back those Red Bulls drinks … ‘I’m looking for a man to blame all my problems on,’ can you imagine that … just be so great,” she continued. “Especially [if] we’re fighting against women who are thinner than us.”

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Barr Says Trump Is America’s ‘Only Hope’

Barr went on to declare her “love” for the former President Trump, who she has openly supported for many years.

“He’s the only hope we have in our country,” she said, adding that “every day it’s a little more scary.”

Barr then touched on the antisemitism that she feels is spreading across America amidst the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

“Every single day I got to stay positive. Because I’m not like a really positive person,” she said. “I’m kind of because I’m Jewish.”

“So I’m very, very negative and bitter and hateful. But I am so glad to be here for Kari, who’s a wonderful woman of God, a wonderful Christian woman,” Barr continued. “And I have to say as a Jew, I just love the Christian people so much because they are the only people who know anything about Judaism. Go figure.”

Elsewhere in her speech, Barr joked about adult diapers, and her morning routine that consists of waking and peeing before getting out of bed.

“God gave us our sense of humor to get through times like this, and the left appears to be humorless,” Lake said as she introduced Barr. “And I’ll tell you what, they’[ve] given us a lot to make fun of them and they’[ve] given us a lot to laugh about right now, believe it or not.”

Barr’s efforts ended up being a success, as organizers said that the fundraiser ultimately raised $1 million. Trump spoke at the event as well, using it to bash President Joe Biden.

“He’s a horrible guy. He’s a horrible president,” Trump said. “He doesn’t know where the hell he is. He could not figure his way off this stage … you got one, two, three, four … lots of doors.”

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Barr’s Previous Comments On Trump

Barr has long been one of the only celebrities who has the guts to publicly stand by Trump.

“What I love about your dad is he is one funny guy!” Barr told Donald Trump Jr. back in October. “He is so hilarious, and I think that is part of why they hate him. They hate humor. They don’t have any sense of humor about themselves — right there that is what a fascist is.”

“Someone in power who has no ability to laugh at themselves, has no self-reflection; they look in the mirror and there is nothing there,” she added at the time. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t have a soul. Your dad laughs at himself and everyone else and he makes everyone laugh. He has the heart of the comedian, which is why we all love him because he’s so funny!”

Barr is a true legend, and she is inarguably one of the funniest women alive today. God bless her for continuing to be a freethinker, and for using her platform to help patriots like Lake and Trump!