San Diego County officials declare public health emergency for COVID-19: Use of force authorized

February 29, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

By Lexi Morgan

Pandemic preparedness and emergency response plans have been triggered and are now active in San Diego County following the COVID19 epidemic

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — County officials declared a public health emergency on Friday triggering the silent activation of local emergency pandemic preparedness and fatality response plans.

The heightened state of emergency authorizes certain law enforcement and military personnel the right to detain anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or anyone who may have had contact with someone who was infected with the deadly virus.

This essentially means that if authorities ask an infected person or person suspected of being infected to be quarantined and that person does not want to be quarantined, symptoms or not, the use of force is authorized. The CDC refers to this hunter-seeker offensive action as “contact tracing,” LOL.

The infected or suspected infected will one way or another be detained and taken to a camp located at the nearest military facility authorized to contain the deadly COVID-19 strain.

Roughly 230 people are being held in forced quarantine at Marine Corps Station Miramar in San Diego and the U.S. Department of Defence on Wednesday tasked NORTHCOM with a directive to “respond to and mitigate biological threats.” (i.e. any person or persons deemed to be infected or dangerous.)