San Fran’s Last Gun Shop Closes, Crime Shoots 20 Percent Above National Average

November 28, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Conservative Tribune | BENJAMIN ARIE

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What happens when the left wages an all-out political assault on the Second Amendment?

In the San Francisco Bay area, there are two answers: The last gun shop in the region closes, and crime levels spike.

Two years ago, High Bridge Arms in San Francisco was forced to close its doors after proposed Democratic-backed anti-gun regulations began making it impossible to keep doing business. It was the last gun store in the city.

According to NPR, those changes included new city-level requirements to videotape every gun purchase in the store, as well as report all ammunition sales to the police.

Yes, somebody in California actually thought it was a great idea to call the police every time a citizen buys a box of target or hunting ammo.

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“They just want to make San Francisco a gun-free zone, a gun-free city with no gun shops,” customer Chris Cheng said around the time of the gun shop’s closing.

NPR reported that High Bridge Arms had been open for 63 years, and its closed doors marked the end of an era.

“My wife, she bought her first rifle here. Actually I bought my first handgun here,” recalled customer Steven Walker. “It’s pretty amazing we’re losing this shop.”

Fast forward to today. If anti-gunners are correct, closing every gun store in the country and making America one giant “gun free zone” would solve everything. So, what has actually happened in the San Francisco area as a result of anti-gun polices?

Violent crime spiked.

“In the Bay Area, several cities outpaced the national average increase in violent crime – San Jose was up 14.3 percent, Berkeley rose 13.6 percent, and Fremont saw a spike of 24.6 percent,” reported KPIX CBS News in September of this year. Those numbers are based on FBI data.

Those double-digit jumps in crime are well above the national average. Between 2015 and 2016, the national level of violent crime did rise by a fairly small 4.1 percent. Bay area crime increased by several times that level.

“It is a higher percentage than some of the cities,” Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques admitted.

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To be clear, the closing of one gun shop of course did not magically cause crime to rise. However, there is a definite link between the overall attitudes and regulations which are causing California gun stores to fade away, and the violent crime rates to spike.

Over and over, the data has backed up common sense: Criminals don’t care about new laws, and making it nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to be armed leaves them defenseless.

It’s worth pointing out that even after the last gun store closed, criminals were obviously still able to obtain weapons illegally. Crime rose. The black market will always find a way — especially in a southern border state that refuses to enforce immigration law.

If sweeping gun control is so great, why hasn’t it worked in the areas where it is tried? Why is Chicago not the safest place on earth? Why is Mexico almost as dangerous as Syria despite stiff anti-gun laws? Why are San Francisco and Los Angeles not pacifist paradises?

Self defense is a human right. By making that right almost impossible to exercise, California is now dealing with the criminal consequences.

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