Save Lazor from ‘Murder by [Covid] Injection’!

December 13, 2021 in News by RBN Staff




Paradoxical plight of embattled California prison inmate comes to a head

By Mark Anderson

[Editor’s note: This matter was covered again Monday, Dec. 13, 2021 on Mr. Anderson’s STOP THE PRESSES! show here on RBN. See this link for the Dec. 13 show in audio and this link for a prior show on Dec. 6 in audio about Lazor featuring his surrogate mother. For the video versions of the same shows, see here for Dec. 13 and here for Dec. 6. Also go to for pictures of, and information about Lazor]



SOLEDAD PRISON, Calif.—The plight of P.F. Lazor, a.k.a., Free Lazor, a longtime inmate of the California prison system, was first reported on by this writer in American Free Press (AFP) in the spring of 2018. Recently, however, Lazor contacted this writer and RBN host several times via mail and through a collect-call phone network—by way of approved calls on a prison landline—to explain the myriad challenges he faces.

And those challenges are not limited to having been unjustly imprisoned in the first place at the age of 29 after a sham 1983 “trial” and incarcerated well beyond his 17-year sentence on a second-degree murder charge for what was actually an act of armed self-defense in an altercation with a deranged individual. Notably, he was initially supposed to be out of prison after just 8 ½ years, in 1992, based on a half-sentence arrangement awarded for good behavior.

But the prison culture, which targets those who have integrity, who are intelligent and who have leadership qualities—those like Lazor—has not been kind to him. Amid episodes of beatings and betrayals by guards in several of the prisons to which he has been moved over the decades—based on apparent personal animosities toward him—his chances of parole have been repeatedly scuttled often at the last minute by trumped-up claims that he frequently has committed violations of various, often-petty prison rules. This maddening situation has constantly dashed Lazor’s high expectations to finally be freed from the Golden State gulag.

But it gets worse. This Buddy Holly tribute musician and successful businessman from his pre-prison days may not win a race against time as he labors to get paroled before mandated covid vaccinations are foisted upon the prison population. His problem is not just that he distrusts the safety of the injections generally; it’s also that he has had multiple chemical sensitivities since childhood and believes the covid jab will kill him.

Lazor said he also looked up the definition of rape. While noting that rape is not limited to sexual assault, he concluded that being forcibly penetrated with a needle, where the one donning the needle is emphasizing power and control over another human being, “is a form of rape.”

And while, at press time, a silver lining was that the Federal District Court in California’s Northern District had on Nov. 26 issued a “stay” against federal mandates to vaccinate the state’s prisoners—and there are indications that the stay may survive until March of 2022—Lazor, his surrogate mother, Gail Travis and his friend, Pastor Ken Masat of Texas, aren’t taking any chances, knowing full well that the courts could flip the other direction at any time. Indeed, Lazor himself told this writer that he half-expects the “jabs” to show up without notice any day; and since in recent years he was violently dragged across broken pavement and forcibly given a TB shot while he tried to resist forced medical treatment, he feels things don’t bode well for him, and for the other prisoners.

“I would think his best information to support his parole hearing is the right of self-defense as highlighted in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial; with Lazor it was pretty cut and dry. The assailant, who was the nephew of the person who owned the house Lazor was living in, breaks in on Lazor, wielding a meat cleaver, and knocks his door down and Lazor shoots him in self-defense,” Pastor Masat noted, adding that he knew of a federal inmate who was paroled “but he was not paroled until he got the covid shot”—hence the concern over Lazor’s circumstances as he languishes in Soledad Prison near Monterey, Calif.

Mrs. Travis, a San Francisco Bay area resident, spoke with AFP on Dec. 6, recalling that she “adopted” Lazor when he ran a want ad which stated that he needed lodging while working and planning on going to college. She figured that would give her son Tony, who had lost his father in 1964, someone to hang out with.

“That’s how I met P.F. and he’s the most wonderful, capable person I’ve ever known; he has the most excellent vocabulary. When this thing happened to him, he had several successful businesses; he had his own band that did a Buddy Holly tribute. He became known as Buddy Holly Jr. He taught sky-diving, he was a Realtor. I could go on and on. Anyway, there shouldn’t even have been a trial, let alone him being sent to prison; they gave him 17 years. And every year, just before a parole hearing, they write him up for a bunch of false rule violations. And then when he goes to his parole hearing, they say, ‘Oh, sorry, too many rule violations. We can’t release you.’”

Mrs. Travis has tried to impress upon the parole board that he never is written up for violations “except for just before a parole hearing,” admonishing the board to finally free Lazor so he can get on with his life. But while that has been an uphill battle, the hill has gotten steeper due to efforts to force-vaccinate the state’s prison inmates.

While noting that three attorneys have told her “they’re going to keep people they think are innocent as long as they can because the prisons get paid by the state so much per day, per prisoner,” Mrs. Travis added she has considerable experience with Lazor’s chemical sensitivities.

“The fluoride in the water causes him to have large boils; he trades food with other people to avoid the foods that cause him to have reactions,” she noted.

Lazor himself recently shared with this writer several affidavits from fellow inmates that attest to the quality of his character and the manner in which his efforts to be freed have been scuttled. While recalling how his “defense” attorney during his “non-trial” collaborated with the other side to ensure his imprisonment, Lazor directed this writer’s attention to a long-standing lawsuit, Plata v. Newsom, wherein the Prison Law Office, a California agency that claims to be devoted to prisoners’ rights, is arguing that such rights are only protected when every inmate is vaccinated—which not only overlooks the possibility of adverse reactions among prisoners in general but clearly disregards those, like him, who have unusual sensitivity to chemical substances.

Calls to that law office by AFP were not returned at press time, but an email response noted that, if there’s a response to AFP’s query at all, it won’t happen for several weeks.

This writer urges readers and RBN listeners to write to, and/or call, the following: The Inspector General’s Office of the California Dept. of Corrections, OIG Intake Unit, 10111 Old Placerville Road, Suite 110, Sacramento, Calif. 95827; 916-555-0001. Those who make these contacts to urge the authorities to release Lazor are asked to share their experience with Mark Anderson at RBN,