[UPDATED: Wed, Nov. 8th] Schedule Changes in DECEMBER!

November 10, 2023 in News by RBN Staff



UPDATE [11/8/23]:

As we remember the second anniversary of John Stadtmiller’s passing on November 5th, 2021, we are retiring The National Intel Report (currently 5-7pm CT with special hosts) …

— With GREAT THANKS to all who have taken up that mantle of RBN’s flagship broadcast over the last two years, and the hope that we’ll hear more from those great hosts, co-hosts, and guests in the future! —

… and, RBN will be implementing some weekday schedule changes which are affecting shows between 12pm-8pm CENTRAL TIME.

Schedule changes beginning Monday, December 4, 2023:

[ALL showtimes are listed in CENTRAL TIME ZONE]

  • Richard Kary, Beyond the Official Narrative, is moving, adding an hour, and will begin at a new time, 6-8pm CT (Mon-Fri) 
  • Jeffrey Bennett, The Edge of Darkness, is also moving, adding an hour, and will begin at a new time, 4-6pm CT (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Jim Fetzer, Authentic News, is moving one hour earlier: 2-4pm CT (Mon-Fri) 
  • The following 2pm shows — Mark Dankof, The Dankof Report (Fridays); Mark Anderson, STOP THE PRESSES! (Wednesdays); Steve Stars, Lightspeed X 2 (Mondays) — are all moving one hour earlier for a start time at 1pm CT  (Mon-Fri … see schedule/hosts page for current show details)
  • Ron AveryIn Search of Lawful Government, (formerly 2pm CT, Tues. & Thurs.) is moving to Fridays for a two hour broadcast, 4-6pm CT, Fridays
  • Maggie Rose, The New Concord Hour The Concord Lantern, will now be on Monday for two hours, 4-6pm CT, Mondays 
  • We will also welcome a new show – from a familiar voice – at 1pm CT, Tuesdays & Thursdays, with Dave von Kleist! (Stay Tuned for More Details)
  • LASTLY, BUT CERTAINLY NOT THE LEAST! (Neglected this in the original published update!):
    Patrick SlatteryNational Bugle Radio, will move one hour earlier to 12pm NOON CT (Mon-Fri)!    

SEE THE ‘HOSTS/SCHEDULE’ (Program Schedule) PAGE for current show times and watch for full details to be posted/updated in the days before changes are implemented! 

Program Schedule


ORIGINAL POST (Nov 4, 2023 @ 05:12)


RBN will be instituting a slight change to most broadcasts in the weekday afternoon schedule, starting in December… This will only affect weekday shows 12pm-8pm; more details to come as soon as the schedule is finalized. [SEE UPDATE ABOVE]

We are very excited about providing the best line-up possible, and we’ll give more information soon.

Stay tuned to get all of the details!

Thanks for everything you do to keep RBN on the air.

  • RBN Staff