School Shootings?  I Can Fix That.

June 7, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

School Shootings?  I Can Fix That.

I cannot prevent them, of course, but I do have an idea how to end them in less time.  A woman at a recent murderous rampage in Uvalde, Texas offered up evidence of something I have been saying for years, now:  The real men in America, today, are women.

A mother, quite against police orders, went into the school while the murderer was still shooting and rescued her children. 

Mother who ran into Texas school during shooting discusses moments inside

I am not going to pile on the police, having known a number of officers fairly well, I am still likely to given them the benefit of the doubt. And, after all, I think that they are not actually required to protect anybody, but that’s another concern.

Here is what I propose: Build a hardened facility near every school and stock it with all of the tools that would be useful to take out an active shooter.  Put in pistols, rifles, SHOTGUNS, and plenty of ammunition for each.  Also put in tactical gear that would fit many sizes of people; vests, helmets, and whatever other protection can be provided to people who have the balls to go into a building where people are being killed and then kill the killer. (It might be better that the killer took his own life than be captured alive by these moms. Also, for better education and less indoctrination, why not a mom in every classroom all day long? But I digress again.)

Then, place on that weapons depot an electronic lock that is activated by thumbprints that mothers of school children provide at the beginning of the school year so that those moms can arm themselves before tearing up some worthless scum shooter who is killing their children.  (All the rage, these days, is to say that we need to empower stakeholders, so let’s empower the ultimate stakeholders, the ones who birthed the children inside who are made easy targets by being caged in a liberal fantasy “No Weapons Zone.”) Maybe it would even be wise to have a couple of moms inside that facility during school hours, ready to end a shooting?

Since we men do not have to balls to do the job that would prevent these shootings* let’s at least get out of the way of moms intent on ending a shooting.**

Fixed as fixed as it can be.

God blessed America.  We should thank Him,


  • If we men were doing what we should be doing, admittedly against the law until we get the most offensive scumocrats and rescumlicans removed from office, (or otherwise neutered), and the ridiculous, criminal-defending laws repealed, most of these shootings would be prevented, as would the abuse of our daughters by other men.

** These would be the majority of moms who are willing to lay down their lives for their children, of course, and not the sort who would shred their children to death in their wombs so they look better in their prom dress or wedding dress or for whatever other reason of convenience is used to excuse killing a baby.