Seattle Socialist Could Be Removed Soon – A Washington Judge Just Greenlit Petition To Recall Her

September 18, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Patriot Journal | By Ben Dutka

The city of Seattle has had its fair share of problems in 2020. From the much publicized CHOP situation to the eruption of protests and riots, Seattle has endured trying times.

And members of the city’s government won’t be immune to this instability. For example, one Councilwoman might be soon removed from her position.

Back on August 18, city residents launched a petition to recall Kshama Sawant, a verified socialist.

Not long after, the Seattle City Council voted to pay for Sawant’s legal defense, which they said was standard operating procedure.

However, that legal defense better prepare their case, because a high court judge just said that petition can move forward.

The court ruled that in fact, the accusations leveled against Sawant were “serious enough” to green-light the petition.

From The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, a presiding judge for King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington, ruled that the accusations against socialist Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant were verifiable and serious enough to justify a recall petition.

Judge Jim Rogers ruled that four of the six charges against the Councilwoman warranted the recall attempt.

The list of charges was released when the petition kicked off. They range from misusing council resources to endangering City employees.

Here’s the full list:

  • That Sawant misused council resources to promote a ballot initiative in early February
  • That she violated City hiring rules by giving decision-making authority to Socialist Alternative
  • That she revealed the address of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home to protesters who later marched to her home
  • That she endangered City employees by admitting hundreds of protesters into City Hall after hours
  • That she “created a criminal environment” in the East Precinct area of Capitol Hill that ultimately led to the creation of the CHOP

Sawant’s defense team will have to prove much of this inaccurate or false if she is to retain her position.

As for the other side, Attorney John McKay (he represents the recall petitioner) believes Sawant should be held accountable.

He made it clear that elected officials aren’t above public scrutiny:

I realize that we’ve seen this happen at the highest levels of our government … [but] I hope that we are not living in a time in which our elected officials are not held accountable for violations of the law.

McKay will seek to provide evidence of Sawat’s failure and misconduct as an elected official. If he’s successful, the self-identified socialist Councilwoman could be out of a job.

As social unrest continues to be a problem across the country, the role of our politicians becomes even more important.

And if citizens believe they’re not doing their jobs correctly, those citizens are likely to react.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, a self-proclaimed socialist, is facing a recall petition.
  • A King County Superior Judge has ruled the accusations in the petition are “serious enough,” and the petition can move forward.
  • Attorney for the petitioner, John McKay, hopes elected officials will be “held accountable for violations of law.”

Source: The Daily Wire