Selling NEW Vaccines to the American People Against the Premise of Years Past

September 28, 2020 in News by RBN Staff



We the American people were sold on the idea; the theory that a vaccine will stimulate our immune system,(on exposure), to produce antibodies that would target the antigen, thereby giving us future immunity.  The vaccines that are being sold to us now have completely abandoned their PREMISE of Exposure, and Future Immunity.  Today’s vaccines will MINIMIZE your SYMPTOMS.  ????   Why the complete turn around by the pharmaceuticals from gaining immunity, to Minimizing your disease symptoms, (Flu, and Covid), ????  Q:  What was the last disease the pharmaceuticals found a cure for?  Look hard…. can’t find one can you?  Feel confident in MINIMIZING your SYMPTOMS , over Acquiring Natural Immunity?   I don’t, therefore I will not even contemplate taking a Minimizing the Symptoms Vaccine.  The sound of Ca-ching, Ca-ching won’t be coming from me. I will rely on the strength of my immune system, and healthy living practices….  But wait……The vaccines will be FREE……. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, BUT NO!  I’m NOT interested.

– Steve Elkins, RBN host of Off The Beaten Path

FROM A COMMENT SECTION (via Keith Rodgers):
“Covid-19 is an AMAZING virus. Key features: – cured influenza, measles, heart disease, cancers and most other diseases and abolished ‘death from natural causes’… – it’s a smart virus, highly virulent in parks, gyms, churches, schools, bars/clubs, and on beaches… – has no effect on the thousands of employees who work at Walmart, Target, K-mart, Amazon Warehouses, Bunnings, etc….. and especially in liquor stores… – the virus seems to target mostly mom and pop businesses/restaurants and barbershops/salons, who always have much fewer customers walk through their doors… – the virus also targets our food chain, since it managed to close meat packing companies, and forced farmers to discard their harvest in record time… (USA) – construction and supermarket workers have a natural immunity, but would obviously still need to be vaccinated… – also, police uniforms hold the cure for the virus… no social distancing, not even masks are needed, as long as you wear a police uniform… – it doesn’t affect children, except for a few who got it… same with animals… – also, imposing mandatory cloth masks to prevent too much oxygen to people’s brains, and spraying beaches and streets with bleach, as well as spraying chemical airborne disinfectants from airplanes over densely populated areas have been known to do miracles for people’s lungs affected by this strange virus… – we would need millions of ventilators… unless we suddenly won’t need any ventilators… – and we need to commandeer all private hospitals to keep them open solely for the avalanche of virus victims, and the avalanche of TikTok videos by overworked hero doctors and nurses… – categorized as an ‘invisible enemy’, one that can never be definitively beaten and always lurking in the shadows, much like the war on terror… – it loves New York too – a really cosmopolitan virus… – there is a Celebrity Strain, and a highly Deadly Strain of the virus… – even more amazing, in Sweden you can hug your grandkids, yet the UK strain forbids that… – in India alone, the killer virus managed to lock 1.3 billion people in their homes indefinitely, after decimating 1000 of them, within just a few short months… – every loss of life from this virus is tragic… however, pushing 150-500 million people into starvation worldwide is a necessary price to pay… – experts have pointed out that this seasonal virus could easily be defeated by forever abolishing families, individual privacy, untraceable cash money, and all small independent farms and businesses… – we all may have it by now, yet although asymptomatic, we can still infect people and test negative… or test positive… and our antibodies may, or may not give immunity… – only a heavily government funded, hastily tested and mandatory vaccine can save us by injecting it in 7 billion people, every year, for a constantly mutating virus, the particular strain of which has long been history… – also, be careful not to spread fake news or dangerous misinformation online about this virus… make sure you leave that to the professionals over at CBC, CTV, Global and the rest of the very reliable mainstream media and journalists around the world.”

– via Keith Rodgers, RBN host of Perception Management


Source: Lew Rockwell

A Guide to the Ronavax — Understanding the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines

Around 150 vaccines are being developed for the alleged* rona virus, but the ones that deserve the most attention are the ones winning contracts and/or being trialled already, because their success is almost guaranteed. Some people want them, some never think about it, and others worry they could be coerced or physically forced to get them. The thing is, everyone should have access to information so they can make informed choices about what is right.

Two of these ronavax are vaguely similar to the kind of vaccines that have been licensed in the past. One is made by Sanofi/GSK – selected for Operation Warp Speed in the U.S., this vaccine contains proteins that are made in a bioreactor, using genetically engineered baculoviruses and insect cells. This is a method of protein engineeringNovavax, also funded by the US government uses a similar technique, but packages the proteins in nanoparticles. The idea behind these vax is the same as ‘normal’ vaccines, because the proteins are designed to look like the ones the rona is said to make (usually referred to as the spike or ‘S’ protein) so that your body reacts to them as if they were ‘the real thing’.

All the others are genetic vaccines, or ‘genvax’. They are very experimental, because they gain access to your cells and get you to be the bioreactor and make the proteins yourself.

This is done by smuggling genetic instructions into your cells, using one of three methods:

  1. Adenoviruses which have been genetically modified to contain or ‘express’ the gene of interest (used by AstraZeneca and J&J/Janssen)
  2. Lipid nanoparticles with mRNA (used by Pfizer/BioNTech, Curevac, and Moderna)
  3. DNA plasmids (used by INOVIO, a company worth noting because of its novel techniques, strategic partnerships and product pipeline)

They are all ‘delivery vehicles’ or ‘vectors’ – a way to get the DNA/mRNA into your cells.

They are all methods used in gene therapy. If the ronavax are licensed, not only could gene therapy become very big business, but restrictions on genetic patents could be loosened. Most current gene therapy products are for very specific conditions, e.g. LUXTURNA which uses the RPE65 gene for patients with an inherited retinal disease. However, because genvax use the same techniquesgetting the ronavax to market could begin a new era of busy production lines in bio-factories, meaning they could also churn out some of the other ‘therapeutics’ that have been planned.

DNA and mRNA are said to be ‘the software of life’ and the possibilities are endless. So, perhaps, are the dangers. Because, whilst the platform or vector remain the same, the software doesn’t. For each new application, or disease, a new genetic code is designed on computers. Then, the new code is added to the chosen vector, whether it’s synthetic adenoviruses, bacterial plasmids, or nanoparticles. And each new code is a new risk. So, perhaps, is combining the codes – having more than one genetic vaccine, or drug, could create unforeseen effects.

Some of these platforms have patents which describe the use of XNA (xeno nucleic acids), as well as the lab-made DNA/mRNA – and all sorts of other things you might not realise!

Since they are all genetic vaccines, let’s call them ‘genvax’. They are very hard to understand when nobody has explained anything, but this series of articles will give information on some of the basics so you can wrap your head around it all!

[*The rona virus can only be ‘alleged’ because no causal link between what the rona tests are detecting, and any illness deemed to be ‘covid’, has been established. All we have to go on is ‘the news’, anecdotal reportsguesses, and a genetic sequence of ‘the rona’ provided by Zhang and Holmesby January 10th, 2020, and the abomination of ‘involving covid’ in the statistics. Be sure, at least, to check the mortality figures provided by your government and compare them to previous years! Most of the people who died in the beginning were already ill and old, and the lockdown meant their level of care was substantially reduced.]

The top seven ronavax, in terms of contracts awarded, are described below. Bear in mind that all of these vaccines:

  • Are genetically modified or engineered (and some of them also contain genetic instructions for the body).
  • Have been in development for a range of diseases for over 30 years.
  • Received funding and support from the big boys.
  • Can be tested and produced at enormous scale, according to the companies that make them (although hardly anyone is trained to do this because it’s never been done before).
  • Have NEVER been licensed.

Only a handful of DNA vaccines have ever been licensed but they are all for veterinary use (e.g. for pigs and chickens).


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