Senate Bill 14 gets initial passage in the Texas House

May 14, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff

The vote on the bill was 92-48. A final vote on the bill is likely to happen on Monday.
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AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas House of Representatives approved initial passage of the controversial Senate Bill 14 Friday night after it was taken up for the third time this session.

The bill was granted initial passage on a final vote of 92 ayes and 28 nays. A final vote on the bill will likely take place Monday.

The bill had previously been delayed twice by House Democrats after they called points of order over the bill’s language.

The bill would ban doctors from treating transgender youth with hormone therapies and puberty blockers and would also prohibit minors from getting transition-related surgeries. Under the bill, any minors already receiving this type of care would have to be weaned off in what is said to be a medically appropriate manner.

At the start of the day Friday, protestors against the bill and anti-LGBTQ+ laws in general gathered outside the House chamber. Speakers ranging from advocates to state representatives shared why they feel this bill would be detrimental to transgender youth.

Credit: Ford Sanders / KVUE News

The gallery of the House chamber was filled with people on both sides of the issue.

State Rep. Tom Oliverson (R-Cypress) kicked off the reading of SB 14 with some words about his concerns over what treatments for transgender children in Texas would mean for their health. He claims there is no scientific evidence that these treatments help children overcome gender dysphoria and said a bill like this is meant to protect children.

He noted that other countries are moving away from these “dangerous” treatments and that the U.S. has plenty of medical offices continuing on the route of offering this type of care.

At around 2:33 p.m., just after the bill was brought up, the first point of order was raised by State Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood). House Speaker Dade Phelan announced this point of order has since been withdrawn.

A second point of order was raised at 2:53 p.m. by State Rep. Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie). At 3:09 p.m., Turner’s point was withdrawn.