Should You Worry About an EMP Attack?

May 30, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

May 29, 2023

A good question considering the frightening state of affairs with Russia and Ukraine and how it’s affecting a lot of other countries.

An EMP attack can occur naturally:  Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbance:  “Extreme electromagnetic incidents caused by an intentional electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack or a naturally occurring geomagnetic disturbance (GMD), caused by severe space weather, could damage significant portions of the Nation’s critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, communications equipment, water and wastewater systems, and transportation modes.

“The impacts are likely to cascade, initially compromising one or more critical infrastructure sectors, spilling over into additional sectors, and expanding beyond the initial geographic regions adversely impacting millions of households and businesses.  For these reasons, the potential severity of both the direct and indirect impacts of an EMP or GMD incident compels our national attention.”

A major EMP attack if launched on the Eastern Seaboard would kill millions of Americans in a short period of time.  No power likely for months and that’s not hyperbole.  That means no way to fuel your vehicle, no heat or A/C, grocery stores would be cleaned out in an hour – if one could even get to a store.  Can you imagine 8 MILLION people in NYC all scrambling to try to find food and water?  Or the LA basin with 14 MILLION people?  Hospitals, emergency resources, no power; the list is endless.  Never mind getting your prescription filled or even getting to work.

Has the federal government done anything to address this real threat?  On March 26, 2019, Trump issued an Executive Order:  Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses which pretty much covers everything.  Every state in the Union has an emergency preparedness division which is a good thing but they also rely on electricity not wind mills or solar panels.

The least prepared are the American people as we’ve seen from past natural disasters. I know money is tight for so many Americans.  Too many are drowning in debt, partially because of inflation but also, poor financial planning.  It’s most unfortunate more Americans of all ages aren’t educated about financial planning for the future.  However, even low-income or fixed income households can balance things out while still preparing for a natural disaster or an act of terrorism.

First thing is food storage.  I’ve covered this before but I’ll say it again:  Get some.  I purchased more in 2014 and it’s good until 2034 long after I’m dead and buried.  I became a prepper when my late husband was transferred from No. California in 1989, to Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, CO., at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  While we arrived in beautiful September, come February 1990, a giant blizzard hit.  Yep.  About 4’ of snow blocking the front door.  Everything was shut down for days; thankfully we had power.

And here’s Devvy, the best dressed on the bunny slopes (snow skiing, ha, ha) going, ah, what now?  Fortunately, I kept a pretty good stock of food already with teens in the house (my daughter and John’s 2 kids from a previous marriage).  But, it was a wake-up call.

Gradually through research (no home computers yet) and advertising on patriot radio shows, I found out how to sensibly order food storage.  Today, there’s all kinds of really great ways to grow veggies indoors or even in the little “backyard” space in an apartment complex.  The Organic Prepper is a great web site.  Or, use a search engine to find others.

Many Americans are finding a real time shortage of regular food items in stores.  Weather has had a huge and negative impact the past couple of years with our family farms struggling to provide healthy vegetables, corn, wheat and other food.  Not to mention the number of food production facilities destroyed by fires.

Since China Joe stole the 2020 election through fraud and deceit, 6 MILLIION illegal aliens have been distributed throughout the U.S. with more coming every day.  Illegal aliens who have NO right to be on U.S. soil will consume a lot of food – paid for by YOU.  They will use precious water resources for showers, laundry and cooking.

They are causing major problems for the nation’s schools when those illegal minors have no legal right to be in the U.S., all paid for by YOU.  6 MILLION bringing in diseases like TB – all their medical and dental will be paid for by YOU.  Add to the list crimes like murder and rape.  All their legal bills and incarceration paid for by YOU.

Not just food should be in your plan.  A medical emergency box for Band Aids, etc.  Besides my food storage supply, I purchased a Coleman stove like you use to go camping along with propane.  If worse comes to worse, you can fire it up in the backyard to make coffee, boil water (I also have water storage) and prepare simple things.  And up your supply of ammunition because of roaming gangs and those who want your food.

Just like getting your Will, Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney done NOW, I feel it’s really important for Americans to get prepared like never before.  If money is really tight but you live near relatives, you can purchase food storage, split the cost on the bill and if worse comes to worse, ya’ll congregate at one place in an emergency.

The Polar Vortex that hit Texas in February 2021, killed dozens including children.  I was spared but my dear friends, also seniors, had no power or water for 5 days; uh, no toilet flushing, either.  Water became gold in town.  My brother’s apt building had no water for 23 days.

Texas Disaster – What Americans Need to Know, February 22, 2023 //  Renewable Energy IS Causing an Environmental Wasteland, March 1, 2023

Most everyone believes an EMP attack would come from Communist China.  But, what would the commies gain by destroying our infrastructure?  WE, thanks to those liars, crooks and thieves in Congress, owe more than $1.2 TRILLION dollars in loans to China.  America spends BILLIONS on clothes, tech stuff and other consumer items Made in China.  The communists have been infiltrating every level of our government for decades and now they’re flooding across the border.  Who knows their real intentions?

Record Number of Chinese Nationals Showing Up at U.S. Borders, May 18, 2023 (Fighting age males).  Never trust a communist because they always lie.  The CCP depends on lifetime brain washing to keep their population under the iron fist of communism and loyalty to ‘the party’.  Not to mention putting their people in re-education camps who dare question the CCP.

How many Americans even know about those secret Chinese police stations here in America?  Americans Were Shocked To Learn Of Illegal Chinese Police Station In NY; There Are Six More In US, April 19, 2023

Video shows suspect accused of operating secret Chinese police stations mingling with Schumer, Adams.  Lu Jianwang charged with conspiring to act as an agent of China’s government, April 24, 2023

Our mortal enemy has been buying up land and businesses in this country for decades while state legislatures apparently remained ignorant of what’s been going on in their state.  At the eleventh hour some states are now going on the offensive.  Communist China wants the U.S. on our knees while they control the world.  Make no mistake about that.  China doesn’t have to use an EMP attack, but they could use a proxy ally in strategic locations to cause mass panic.

It wouldn’t be Russia despite all the threats of nuclear war over Ukraine and the continuing aid from NATO countries for hustler, Zelinsky.  Putin is not stupid.  He knows full well what would happen should any of them start using nuclear weapons.  An EMP attack against the U.S. would serve no useful purpose for Putin.  Besides, it’s a bit hypocritical of all of them when you consider the amount of trade going on between so many of them, i.e., North & South Korea.  On May 18, 2022, three Russian cosmonauts headed for a stay at the International Space Station.  Hell, even the Arabs have been up there.

I am more worried about the evil Godless lunatics who rule Iran and No. Korea just to name two.  Those Chinese spy balloons no one hears anything about anymore were gathering real time data from who knows how many military bases.  For what purposes we don’t know but too many countries have nuclear weapons – countries like Pakistan who for some reason would like to use them on India.

An EMP attack by some rogue operatives from any of those countries wouldn’t be difficult to pull off considering the invasion at our border; it would be catastrophic.  Who knows the real identities of the millions pouring across the border?  Who knows what kind of mission terrorists from rogue nations are here for to pass back to their governments?  What’s America’s weak spots?  What’s most strategic for an EMP attack?

What won’t work after an EMP event:  “Vehicles with computers connected to the engine, anything connected to a charger, Main power grid, electric cars and battery-operated vehicles, computerized motorcycles, computer-operated houses, electric heaters, portable generators, public water (operated by electrical pumps connected to the grid), computers, pacemakers.”

Add big box stores, grocery stores – any business where their electrical source is tied to the main power grid.  Electromagnetic Pulse: The Dangerous but Overlooked Threat – “(EMP) event could wipe out the U.S. power grid—and along with it satellite ground stations, financial markets, healthcare systems, transportation networks, military command and control systems, and the technologies Americans rely on.

“What is an EMP event? In layperson’s terms, a man-made EMP event, probably an attack, would use the “pulse” from a nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere to damage or destroy vulnerable electronics over a vast area.”

About a month ago I happened to see an ad for EMP protection for your home, vehicle, motorcycle or even your boat.  Oh, boy, some more research because I take the threat of an EMP attack seriously, just like I did after the Polar Vortex that crippled Texas – I purchased a Westinghouse generator.  OUCH to my wallet.

After looking at a few web sites, I focused on EMP Shield.  I knew very little about the technology used to protect your home from an EMP attack (weather or terrorism) but I sure learned doing research.  EMP Shield’s web site has a section covering Learn More and Installation.  I had to hire an electrician (not a handy man) to install the Generac unit in order for my generator to work because it’s very dangerous.

You can install the EMP shield or as in my case since I’m purchasing a unit for my home (my SUV is always in the garage, never leave it outside) and being a widow, I’ll have to hire someone.  No, I’m not rich or even ‘upper class’.  But, like auto insurance, you may never have an accident, but if you do, that insurance policy can make the difference if you get sued or badly injured.  Same for health care coverage.  As my late mother used to say, don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish.  Yes, it’s a financial sacrifice but the cost is actually pretty low considering what you’re protecting:  Your home – less than $400.00.

I’m passing this along to my family members, although for a couple of them, it won’t work.  They live in apartments or other rental property.  I suppose they could try to work with the property owner who should want to protect his/her investment.

I hope this information will be helpful so you can get prepared for disasters and, God forbid, a major EMP attack, weather or terrorism.  Every time a really bad hurricane or tornado hits, I am thankful I’ve taken the time and spent my limited financial resources towards being a prepper because you never know when disaster will hit you and your family.

This doesn’t mean a person should go crazy thinking any minute now, but rather be prepared for the worst.  Have a plan.  Those $500.00+ fancy phones won’t be of much use to save your bacon as they say.  And you can’t eat them….Be sure to share this information with family and friends.

As regular readers know, NWV’s is almost 100% reader supported.  They can’t stay on line without financial resources.  If you do decide to purchase from EMP Shieldplease mention NWV’s.  They’ll receive a small compensation which means a lot for Paul and his wife to keep NWV’s on line.  They’re also having a “Huge Memorial Day Sale – 10% off Your Entire Cart” (I think expires May 31, 2023)

While we may disagree with the undeclared wars after Pearl Harbor, today I hope Americans will remember to honor ALL our veterans and say thank you for your service.  And let us not forget our POW/MIA’s in our prayers.

Veterans Memorial Cemetery Of Western Colorado. “The cemetery will serve the burial needs of more than 95,000 Veterans, their spouses and eligible family members for the next 100 years.

38,000 veterans eat from garbage cans every day. Here’s how we can end veteran homelessness – New Korean War movie ‘Devotion’ shows how our veterans need a helping hand (That’s a movie I want to see which is rare for me.)