May 30, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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Published: May 27, 2023


We woke up early with the cell phone nagging us, because we needed to get on the road to Northern Virginia so that we could attend the Council for National Policy meeting today through Saturday.

Sitting down together after feeding the dogs with the all-important shared first cup of coffee of the morning, we began our usual AM discussion about current events and the days tasks.

Jill’s recent essay concerning the pornographic “art” exhibit at the European Parliament continues to nag at the back of my mind. Yet another example of the apparent global campaign to normalize a wide range of what were previously generally considered to be sexual taboos. To generate outrage over the various policy positions which are being pushed down into elementary and pre-schools, and enforced by the likes of Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard, WEF et al. via policies known by the acronyms “ESG” and “DEI” is possible because examples, such as the trans-porn hanging in the EU Parliament, are so in your face against all principles of normal decency.

Easy to generate outrage. Hard to discern why and how these policies are being promoted and deployed/implemented globally.

Turning these questions over in my mind as the caffeine started to sink in, I pondered the parallels between what has happened during the COVIDcrisis and the propaganda, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and censorship (PsyWar) being deployed in promoting medical/surgical transgender ideology/advocacy, pedophilia, and other related sexual behaviors which were previously considered to be cultural taboos.

In both cases (the COVIDcrisis and these previously taboo sexual-behavior and sexual-cultural activity agendas) are being globally advanced, seemingly as a synchronized, harmonized propaganda or PsyOps campaign. So what is going on here?

Many hypotheses or conspiracy theories (depending on where you stand on this spectrum) have been advanced to explain these observations, these striking parallels. I am familiar with most- and many are covered in the book titled “Lies my Gov’t told me, and the better future coming”. Many of these “theories of the case” involve some surreptitious coordinated campaign to advance some shared agenda which usually center around some version of power and/or money.

But it is really hard for me to see how pushing these efforts to overthrow traditional sexual taboos makes sense as a way to advance money/power agendas. In some cases (for example hospitals, clinics, physicians and other medical care providers), it is easy to understand the profit motive associated with medical/surgical “transitioning” of those diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” (ergo “gender transition care”). But is this profit opportunity sufficient to explain the harmonized and synchronized global campaigns?

As Jill and I discussed current hypotheses, an alternative explanation emerged.

The core of this involves the rise of a new international caste of large numbers of hyper wealthy nouveau riche or “new wealth”. Many members of this new transnational caste have more in common with each other than with the rest of humanity. I have occasionally had contact with members of this caste, and my impression has been that many of these truly live in a separate reality, one that (as a former carpenter and farm hand) it is hard for me to fathom. These people live in a world where any and every whim that they may have can be realized on almost a moments notice. And many become novelty addicts, constantly seeking new experiences.

There is a long and rich history of idle elites entertaining themselves by seeking increasingly aberrant sexual pleasure and stimulation, speaking in terms of norms concerning the underlying cultures within which they exist. History is replete with stories of Kings, Princes, Queens and Princesses who succumb to a quest for ever escalating novel sexual experiences. But now we have a newly created large global elite who have the idle time and resources once reserved only for royalty.

So here is the hypothesis-

1) A substantial fraction of global elites (idle rich) have been consumed by novelty seeking behaviors. The “new wealth” idle rich, who can virtually satisfy any whims they may have with little or no consequence, have an insatiable and escalating need to be entertained.

Novelty seeking:

“In psychology, novelty seeking is a personality trait associated with exploratory activity in response to novel stimulation, impulsive decision making, extravagance in approach to reward cues, quick loss of temper, and avoidance of frustration.” -Wikipedia

2) Of these, as has often happened within idle elites throughout history, some have become sex addicts, constantly seeking additional stimulation and novelty, in many cases manifesting as sexual paraphilias . For example, see this article concerning prostitution during the most recent WEF meeting in Davos. See also the case of Mr. Jeffrey Epstein, his clientele, and the notorious “Lolita express” and “pedo island”.

3) It has become clear during the COVIDcrisis that “official” corporate media has been largely captured by these same hyper-wealthy elites. These information sources routinely advance propaganda and psy-ops activities which reflect the interests and agendas of their owners. Likewise, our political system is increasingly captured by large “donors”, who enjoy grossly disproportional influence on public policy making due to their ability to write what most of us would consider enormous “gift” or “donation” checks.

4) We have seen an increasing trend towards sexualization of minors. In public education, in advertising, in clothing, in media, and in behaviors. It is no surprise that adults with time on their hands and virtually unlimited financial resources, who seek more and more sexual stimulation, would develop obsessions involving preying on sexualized minors.

5) What may be going on is that the ethical and behavioral norms of this new caste of hyper-wealthy have increasingly diverged from globally accepted norms. A large fraction of these people are increasingly disassociated (or freed) from the norms (and the underlying Taboos) of the cultures from which they have emerged. For example, for a variety of reasons, most western cultures have decided that individuals older than 18 years are prohibited from having sexual intercourse with individuals (of either gender) aged less than 18 years. But clearly the information which has emerged regarding Jeffrey Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell documents that large numbers of political and financial elites desire to have sexual activity with minors, and find ways to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies in this regard. In fact, today this story broke in the NY Post-


Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit claiming the bank played a key role in facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring.

An unnamed “Jane Doe” plaintiff in court documents filed the suit in New York in November on behalf of herself and other alleged victims of the convicted sex offender, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Doe plaintiff alleged that Deutsche Bank did business with Epstein for five years, knowing that he was using his funds to support his abusive regime of girls and young women.

The suit said Deutsche “provided the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization to successfully rape, sexually assault and coercively sex traffic plaintiff Jane Doe” between 2003 and 2016.

She claimed to have been trafficked to Epstein’s friends as well, lured by Epstein’s “guise of being a wealthy philanthropist, able to provide them … cash money, advancement of careers, education or other life necessities.”

The suit alleged that Deutsche Bank ignored red flags, including allowing Epstein “to open many accounts for illegitimate companies,” approving his money transfers “without questioning” and giving him “direct access to abundant cash in direct violation of federal law.”

The court documents suggested that these money transfers and cash withdrawals had to do with Epstein’s payments to young women for sex acts.

“Young women” is actually a euphemism for what are technically female children. It is another example of the creative use of language to normalize illegal and/or prohibited/Taboo behaviors.

This is an abomination.

I suggest that one aspect of what is going on with the increasing normalization of what were previously considered perverted sexual behaviors in most western cultures is that we are observing a trend as old as this history of corrupt elites and civilizations. The idle hyper wealthy, particularly “first generation” or “new wealth”, have a tendency to become obsessed with seeking new experiences. In the present world, this new caste of hyper wealthy elites control both political consensus and media messaging. And so it follows that, if their collective “culture” and “cultural norms” are diverging from that of the underlying general culture, the political consensus and media messaging will reflect the divergent point of view and norms of the idle rich. Sexual behaviors and otherwise.

In sum, it may be that the globally harmonized political and media messaging in support of what was previously considered Taboo sexual behaviors may, in part, just reflect the emerging accepted behavioral norms of the new caste of idle rich, of the hyper wealthy.

People who see sex as just another form of entertainment, rather than an expression of love, bonding, and desire to procreate. If we are OK with defining sex as just another form of entertainment (for example, see the case of the rise of the Pornography industry), then it is logical to expect the cultural norms to drive towards seeking more and more “Novelty”. Sex as entertainment can be enormously profitable, and if this is normalized then we are likely to see the underlying culture distorted by these forces.

So, that is one alternative hypothesis for what we are observing. We are seeing the consequences of allowing and enabling capture and distortion of cultural norms and canceling cultural taboos which represent the collective wisdom of millennia. Capture by a relatively small but enormously powerful nouveau riche caste, many of whom are bored, idle, and seeking novel entertainments including what were previously considered sexual paraphilias.

Just a hypothesis, one of many. Never forget that many different factors often interact to produce political and cultural norms.