State Dept Claims “U.S. Does Not Have Chemical and Biological Weapons Labs in Ukraine,” the Ukraine Government Does

March 10, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


The U.S. has many, many bioweapons labs in Ukraine.
We will assume that when the U.S. Coup toppled the Ukraine in 2014, that the U.S. moved right in to set up Bioweapon’s labs.  Now that they owned/controlled the country they had a place to conduct experiments that would not violate U.S. laws on such testing.

They can play ignorant all they want, but we know their game.
These are the same people who outsourced torture during the Iraq war —  Secret Black Site torture prisons outside the U.S. to avoid U.S. laws against torture.

– Steve Elkins


Source: The Last Refuge


While Fox News host Tucker Carlson was highlighting the issue of confirmed chemical and biological research facilities in Ukraine, funded with U.S. money, the State Dept released this statement via Twitter:

We can say the statement above is accurate.

How do we know?…  Because the statement hinges on the word “have.”

It is true that I own and operate a car.  However, it is also true that I do not currently “have” my car in my possession.